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The customers from h*LL...done & dusted..thank the heavens!

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

emoticon Howdy to my sparklers!

I FINALLY settled the dispute from the consignment customers from H*LL! Well...actually they are from Ireland...BUT...I'm sure it is a very HOT part of Ireland...get it?? emoticon

I have been through H*LL and back with these customers. First their housewatch guy that threatened me with nasty e-mails firing off 5 threatening e-mails in ONE day...now that is clearly unbalanced would you not agree? Saying things like "You don't know WHO you are dealing with...and you are in WAY over your head" lots of other nasty things but I don't even want to go back there and dredge those horrid memories up.

So the agreement was for them to take back their items that had sat on the floor for NINE months and had expired FIVE months prior.

I did not have to release these items but I figured if they haven't sold in all of this time on the floor why hold onto them...just give the stuff back and be done with these boobs.

That seemed to be a good plan until the lady muttered that even IF her items were returned she was still going to sue me...for what...I ask?

The consignment contract clearly spells out that if you do not pick up your unsold items on the actual expiration date you abandon them and the consignee can donate them, mark pricing down to firesale them or retain them in the gallery. This has to be a term...otherwise, we would just become a non-stop free storage outlet and people (like these idiots take full advantage of that).

So I told them that not a STICK of furniture would be removed until she and her husband signed a Release from Liability for me. I didn't trust these people one bit not to still pursue litigation...that is just how greedy and horrible they have been all through the whole disgusting ordeal.

But the stuff is gone, the release has been signed and I can write this off as a lesson in not following my gut when I get bad vibes from people right upfront. If I had followed my gut and rejected this package of furniture I'd be a whole lot better off and my nerves would be in better shape also...much of this nightmare occurred while my darling husband was dying so the whole situation was torture for me.

I had some members from my grief group, over Monday evening. I wanted to fire up the firepit that Don and I had purchased last year and never used it. I know it's something I'd never do on my own but I thought having friends over to share it with would be fun.

Well...sadly it was too hot out to use it...but the party went on in spite of it and we had a very nice time enjoying each other's company. I enjoy these friends so much because we truly 'get' each other. The loneliness, the vulnerability, the sense of the loss of the major love of your life...it all goes together and you can't imagine what it feels like unless you have walked in those shoes. We have ALL walked in those shoes and the support from each other is very comforting.

We all get together for a dine out in a local restaurant this Saturday. I always look forward to our dine outs...again...the common shoes type of things.

I did slip a little on having dessert at the get together...darn...I hope it doesn't slow my weight loss down on weigh-in day for our 5% Teddy Bear Team Challenge.

I feel that a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders now that these terrible people have been sent packing. I HATE bullies...and I HATE rewarding bad behavior..both of which they accel in spades...but sometimes the fight just isn't worth if and I decided my peace of mind, and restful nights are the choice I needed to make...so done and dusted!

They came with a rental pick up from Lowes.....if they get the stuff home without breaking the huge mirror and breaking the big glass on the dining set without the iron chairs banging the heck out of it..it will be a miracle...professional movers they are NOT!

Can't help but secretly hope the massive mirror breaks and they get the 7 years of bad luck they so richly deserve! emoticon

Karma...my friends...the GREAT equalizer! emoticon

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    41 days ago
    oh yes my friend .. don't worry God will tend to them .. all you have to do is release it all and let Him take care of it ... the one thing I know for sure .. is God will make sure you know He handled the balancing .. Oh yes He will

    close that chapter .. and yes lesson learnt .. when we don't trust our guts .. our souls .. we usually get out of divine timing ... then we are left to our own devices ..
    now that the chapter is closed .. burn that book emoticon

    Enjoy your time tonight with your "brought together by loss" group .. have a total blast

    xoxox Donna
    43 days ago
    I share that naughty hope, dear Bobbi. I know I shouldn't wish people ill, but you've been through so much with them, Bobbi, and they made your life miserable for so long that it would be so rich if they ended up breaking their own stuff! on the way home. Sorry, but tee hee.

    Your group looks and sounds so nice! It's wonderful that you've found people who understand and sympathize with what you are going through. I hope the eat-out is fun, too!
    44 days ago
    So glad that nightmare is finially over, now you can move forward. Don't know why some people have to be so obstinate. Looks like you had a nice party. Sure have been thinking about our further life, we're both 81 and in 2 days will celebrate 62 years of marriage, who would have thought! Had to laugh at your comment that it was too hot for the fire, as I'm looking at our coldest night of the year 3 and heading lower. Not going to complain it kills off the bugs and been one of the mildest winters for N Illinois. Have a Sparking great day! The Old Farmer, who they call, Skeeter!
    44 days ago
  • PICKIE98
    LOL ALOT at the broken mirror crack! Didn't you know that if you are a weenie, that bad luck quadruples? SCORE! emoticon emoticon

    I love the pics of your group.
    44 days ago
    I so glad that you are rid of those nasty people and hate so much that you had to deal with all of that.

    Thanks for sharing pictures. Looks like a great time. Don't worry about the dessert.....you totally deserved it!!

    Have a wonderful day!
    44 days ago
    I'm so glad you are finished with them and that you can move on with your life now without them and their furniture hanging over your head. At least you have your bases covered in case they decide to try and come back at you.

    I'm glad you have your grief group to help support you as you try to move on with your life. emoticon
    44 days ago
    glad you are done with happy you have a great group Hugs
    44 days ago
  • LIZZIE138
    I’m glad these dreadful people are finally out of your life. Gut feelings are almost always right.
    I’m jealous of your too warm weather. It’s supposed to be 6 degrees here in SE Michigan tonight.
    I’d love some of that Florida warmth right about now.
    44 days ago
    YAY!!! Those terrible people will meet karma, even without a broken mirror.

    I liked seeing the pictures of the people who support you and get you out enjoying life.

    44 days ago
  • no profile photo VALERRIE
    So happy to hear you have had a victorious outcome and rid yourself of their unconscionable, manipulating grips! Such relief from the horrible anguish they caused you!

    Some people may have a neurological defect, empty souls, unhappy with themselves, always looking for antagonism and confrontation and glee in winning.

    May you find a much deserved sense of peace and many happier days ahead!
    44 days ago
    Glad for you to be rid of the pain from those people! Your grief group sound like a wonderful place to be in your life right now. Wishing you happy days!
    45 days ago
    Not a moment too soon and don't let the door hit you on
    the way out. Hoping life gets a little easier. emoticon
    45 days ago
    Couldn't agree more about karma! emoticon
    45 days ago
    I am glad you got those awful people out of your life
    45 days ago
    So glad you're finally finished with those people. It's so nice you have your grief group. I really didn't have that when I lost Alan. I did find a helpmate group for widowed and divorced people. Met some good friends who are still friends. Hopefully we will be able to get together sometime. Hugs Judy
    45 days ago
    45 days ago
    So glad those despicable human beings are out of your life!
    And, that you have found a circle of people to soothe your grief.
    45 days ago
    I remember when you first met them and your gut feeling. So glad that nightmare is over and it was very smart to have them sign that release before taking the stuff. Big hug.
    45 days ago
    Glad they are out of your life! So thankful you have such a great grief support group! That is awesome.
    45 days ago
    I'm so happy to hear that you have completed this task! Yes, they may still come back at you but you have the contract and the signed release form. Good job, Bobbi!
    45 days ago
    So glad you are over those horrible people, and the stuff is theirs again. Thing is they might try the same thing on some other consignment place. Those type usually try and try until they got what they want.
    Looks like a great bunch of friends.
    45 days ago
    Running a consignment shop is very hard when you have difficult folks. Lost my Mom recently and still haven’t used her gifts to me either
    45 days ago
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