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I am Human again

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

This is the first day since I got home from Hawaii that I felt really human. I didn't feel like being lazy and laying in bed until almost noon and although I curled up and read for a couple of hours this afternoon I didn't need to nap.

I sewed until I started making mistakes, I did some laundry, I read and I played my computer game which is of course having a celebration for Valentine's day. It's been going on for almost a week and I just got around to even attempting to play until today. Feels really kind of good to not be feeling like I'm just going to keel over.

Buck does not like it outside today. I've never seen a dog pee so fast and so close to the steps. it started out at 30 this morning and by 3 this afternoon it was down to 10 with wind chills below 0. Right now it says the wind chill is -24. Even my door knob is cold because the wind is straight out of the west and my front door faces that way.

thank fulls
1. I only opened the door for Buck today.
2. someone came along with a scoop and moved the piles of snow left when they plowed my car in over the weekend. Maybe tomorrow when it isn't so windy I'll go out and take a photo of the stop sign on the corner. One more big snow fall and plowing will almost cover it.
3. my oldest grandson...went to his friends Birthday party that had both boys and girls. Now don't laugh too hard. when dad picked him up dad asked how it went and T told him the girls are all horny....(he reads a lot) (doesn't always use his words correctly) so dad explained they were just boy crazy and that was going to go on for a couple of more years. T wants to know how to avoid them. He's 14 and asked his dad when he started dating and how many girls he dated. The biggest family joke is he married Jennifer #27. He did not tell his son that. His dad got suspended from kindergarten for kissing a girl in the bushes.

We do have some wild tales with my kids. My 15 yr old grand daughter seems to be having a big of an attitude problem and has decided to refuse to smile until the braces come off. She's such a good kid but she is really acting just like a normal kid.

I'm home again tomorrow and hope it is as successful as today was. I'd like to finish this block I'm working on but one of the little parts of the block that has 35 pieces caused me some pretty big problems today. Maybe after sleeping my mind will figure out what it is saying to do.
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