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Checking My Goals Mid-February

Sunday, February 16, 2020

Checking in here with an assessment of the past week. I had 2 goals for last week:

do yoga (except Monday)
pre-track every day up to but stopping at my 23 points

How did I do?

I did stop at 11:30 to do yoga 4 days out those 6 - but I hadn't taken into consideration what to do on mornings when I went somewhere and didn't get home till the afternoon. Or on days when I was waiting for someone to show up in the morning ... and she didn't show up till late in the day.

So - 66% is good for a start - but what can I do about an interrupted morning? Seems like there are 2 choices:

1. either I can do yoga at crack-0-dawn before I make breakfast - sort of getting it over with - which, at the moment, doesn't appeal

2. or hmmm. Ahh - here is an option. I can do an evening yoga routine after DH and I are done with shared evening activities. Okay - this is good. I know that particular routine will ease me into sleep and it ought to be long enough after dinner that I will still enjoy the twists and bends of yoga.

How about the Pre-Tracking?

7 for 7 - in that I have been pre-tracking every day. YAY - this earned a butterfly sticker on the planner.


I have eaten beyond my limits every single day. I have CHOSEN to eat beyond my limits.
This is bothering me because I do have a weight loss goal. Obviously it's not paramount or I would be devoting the time to achieving it that I am devoting to Other Things I Also Want. This will require some thought - so - this week I need to add some soul searching to my pre-tracking routine.

What about all my other February goals, you ask? How'm I doing with them? What might I do this week to further my dreams? Here's a list:

1. Yoga 6 days a week incorporating AM or PM yoga on days when things get interrupted (I'm thinking this Thursday, for sure)

2. Pre-track my meals every morning. Consider shifting to a different points plan with WW but no hurry on deciding. That can be made a week from now

3. Taxes - ugh. they can be put off till next week

4. Write a blog for my art webpage - YES. Time to do this. How about Wednesday - I ought to have permission to put up one of the comissioned portraits so I'll have a jumping off point

5. Give that abstract self portrait another go - and how about doing that today? It really would be cool if I could only find the inspiration to do it. It would also give me a second jumping off point for an art blog

6. Keep on working on that surprise portrait I'm doing for JM - it's about 25% done.

and taking a broader look at ThePlan 2020

7. My People - lunch with darling adorable huggable Joy W.

8. Continue reading 3PGC stuff - I read some on Thursday, as scheduled - I shall read more today - and hmmm. The week looks packed - so I'll schedule More Reading next weekend

I know - it looks like a lot but it's not. I would be doing this stuff anyway. But I like to look ahead. I like to plan. I like to know the end of the story as soon as I start it. Because - if I don't like where I'm going - why go there, eh? And since - as I said yesterday - old age gives you the permission AND the opportunity to please yourself - by cracky, junior - I'm gonna act my age!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I think that is something we all struggle with, and I think too our priorities may shift around at times, at least it does for me sometimes. Wishing you well with your plans and your journey! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    28 days ago
    I like to plan, but don’t really follow strictly. That’s a bonus of getting older too. I don’t have to stick to a given agenda!
    40 days ago
    Oh, me too, me too. I love to plan. Sometimes I put things on “the list” that -duh - I’m going to do anyway ! I always do them, but I just love seeing them on “the list”.
    I like your thought process.
    I need to do my daily yoga. It’s a need, so it does get done. Whilst I prefer routine, I prefer evening yoga, sometimes it just doesn’t fit in, good that you can be flexible about that.
    Waiting for inspiration? Occasionally it just doesn’t come and you need to plow forward and hopefully it will surprise you mid project. It’s definitely harder, but sometimes surprisingly ok
    42 days ago
    Permission and opportunity...I love it!!
    43 days ago
    I've switched up my exercise time over the years to just about any time day . . . I like mornings but when that's not doable, sometimes I skip it and sometimes do it later.

    43 days ago
  • PHOENIX1949
    43 days ago
    I had to shift my exercise times around when DH retired. Bit now into my routine. It really works best in the early morning, for me, first thing out of bed.

    Glad luck! You have find goals and they are do-able. Time to tweak now.

    43 days ago
    43 days ago
  • LYNCHD05
    Our friend Kelli seems to do her yoga every night and it works for her. I like the idea of doing it when it fits into your day. I know you will make it work if it is important enough.

    Love your planning....
    43 days ago
    You are a super planner!
    I am not.
    Unless I have to.

    43 days ago
    Looks like you’re doing a great job and definitely have a handle on what needs tweaking! Have a great Sunday!
    43 days ago
    I enjoy your planning. I am living the retirement life vicariously through you! Enjoy your week!
    43 days ago
    Nice blog post about something that we all struggle with - when to fit in exercise. You could also do yoga while waiting for that (late) person to show up. Some yoga is better than no yoga, right?
    emoticon emoticon emoticon

    43 days ago
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