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My Adventures in Spark Land...Day 200 of Doing the New: Watched 'Swiss Family Robinson' (1940 B&W)

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

"Do what you like, like what you do. Life is good."

emoticon If you follow my blogs (Bless your heart) you will know that after Christmas I got the Disney app package which includes ESPN and HULU. After my son and I watched all the Marvel movies in order, I found this ? I could hit that said Disney Through the Decades. I was and still am to watch the things Disney made in order off year. I started with 20-30. I believe he only made 1 cartoon in the 20's which was his 1st one. The rest were in the 30's. They were all short films but Snow White which was his 1st cartoon movie. Which interesting enough isn't even in the princess collection movies. Before I begun watching these, I knew from U-tube that some of Walt Disney movies etc are not being released due to the fact that when they were made, it was acceptable in that time period but today people will find them offensive also so parts of the short movies have been removed for that reason as well. A few days ago I movies to what Disney made in the 40's. Today for day 200 of doing the new, I watched a 1940 Black and White movie called Swiss Family Robinson. I didn't even know this movie was made. I am so use the 1960 Disney Swiss Family Robinson. I was unsure if I was even going to like this one plus it was in black and white!!! This was the very first feature length version film of the 1812 novel 'The Swiss Family Robinson' wrote by Johann David Wyss. It was 90 minutes long. Personal after watching that movie, I am unsure if I'd ever want to take a cruise! emoticon

emoticon I love that I am an organized person.

emoticon In November of 2018 the light on the dash of my car kept going on and off, making noises, which made the overhead light in the car blink as well which then drained the car battery. During Winter break my son and I took it to the local shop and they were clueless. They made me get a new car battery which was not the issue. My son read online where sometimes cleaning the wires helps. It did until November or December of 2019. I contacted my son who said this time he would get a new part for it. Well my son was going to fix it over winter break. December 31 he took my car to the movies and ended up with a flat tire. Because he was lazy (his words) he didn't get the new tire on my car until January 23 and we forgot about the part until after he left and I went to the car to go somewhere and the lights were flashing and it was beeping and I was in tears. The local shop would just try to put in a new battery again and the battery is only a year old. I hate going to a shop with my car as a women. They think I am stupid! I contact my son who ordered a new dash board for me car with a blue light not a white light which I am kind of nervous about. I am grateful the car has not acted up since that day. I am also grateful my car part came to my son's college today! 30 more days until Spring break! Unsure if he will come home this weekend and fix it or wait until Spring break.

Onward to day 201 of doing the new.

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