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Day 9/600 - change of plans, but stayed the course

Sunday, February 23, 2020

Going strong, and all is good. Finishing a great weekend.

Had a great day. Had the day all planned out, planning to organize the tool cabinet with my daughter to stay busy and away from food. Had breakfast and dinner planned out.

Stuck to breakfast, made a beautiful egg white omelet. But then my plan started to „fall apart“ (I guess I should have checked with everyone else when making plans for today....must do better here!)

Had to run some errands with my daughter this morning, and do some shopping, as my wife had to meet some friends. What I hadn’t planned for, but agreed was significantly more important than a tidy tool cabinet, was since my daughter attended a college fair in school last week, she wanted to go through the brochures and start learning about the options. We are still a year out from looking for colleges, but want to make sure we get this right. Also excited that my DD actually knows what she wants to be.

Then, as I was cooking my dinner - sauerkraut and blood sausage (had to cook meatless sausages for my daughter as well - she committed to another year of going vegetarian last week), my wife pointed out that I still had some meatballs in the fridge. Oopsi....packed up the kraut and sausages and went for the meatballs. Wasn‘t as exciting, but served the purpose.

The first few days last week, „withdrawing“ from the carbs, things not going all as planned would have definitely stressed me out quite a bit, but I am super happy I rolled with it and got trough the day without going off on my calorie allowance.

Day 9 - 13.6 lbs down - only 186.4 lbs or 591 days to go to 220

I WILL succeed, because I choose to, because I CARE!

C - COMMIT + Plan every day - I choose to see every day as a new opportunity!
A - ACT on my plans consistently - I choose to take the initiative, I own this!
R - RECORD + REVIEW daily - what worked, what didn’t - Celebrate every victory, learn from any challenge!
E - EMBRACE the journey - I choose to own every decision and every choice and will not be derailed by one challenge, by one bad choice!
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