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Mental health Wednesday- status check-in

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Wednesday's are for mental health!

Yesterday was a lovely day. I am now 100% caught up in my classes. Those few weeks in January where my mental health wasn't the best did put me behind a bit, but I'm back where I should be!

The boy and I had our morning hike along one of our lovely coastal streams and halfway up one of our lovelier coastal mountains. The weather was overcast, but dry -- rain came in the afternoon when I was walking home from class, though! I also managed to attend all my classes, something I have been struggling with since January.

Mo had her club meeting in the evening and the boy was playing games online with some friends, so I had my evening to myself. I took advantage of the time work on some cosplay stuff for the Con, finish homework, and work on a few other tasks I had been putting off.

Oh! I also tried out my idea for seitan Parmesan, and it was delicious! A very tasty vegan alternative to chicken Parmesan. I'll share the recipe next Tuesday!

As for my mental health the last week -- it has been great! No anxiety or panic attacks, no palpitations, no stress muscle aches. I did have a few rough moments Saturday evening (trapezoidal knot, which is a muscle spasm that affects the top of the shoulder and the trapezius, plus not enough sleep the night before). But I knew the cause of my discomfort and it never reached a full panic stage, I just felt more irritated at the anxiety since I knew the cause, so it faded pretty quickly.

One of my major triggers is the feeling that I am not in control, which can fuel some of my OCD behaviors. Spending last week breaking my daily routines and not following the planner exactly would normally have left me a mess,but instead I embraced the routine breaks and had a wonderful time with the extra beach hikes and late dinners. I was able to be spontaneous without any stress, which was a wonderful discovery. I used to live a very spontaneous life, but over the years my control issues made that harder and harder. It feels good to loosen the grip on myself! 😁

Overall, I give my mental health state a solid A, it might even deserve an A+

I hope your week's are going well!
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