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A New Streak

Thursday, February 27, 2020

I've started a new streak - today is Day 3.
Main focus is on stretching and low impact. Anything that will help me heal my sciatica and/or bursitis. Since I don't have an official diagnosis, I'm targeting both :)

After my deep tissue massage on Monday (which had me silently screaming :)), and 3 days into my new streak, I am not feeling any pain this morning. This is huge!

This means I'm in control of the outcome! Even if not fully, taking action will positively influence the outcome. This has me thinking. How many times do we resign ourselves to discomfort (pain, circumstances,...), just because we're too lazy or too tired to fight? Even if we know that taking action will better our circumstances? Or if we don't know, will we still try on the chance that it might?

Taking action may not always result in a quick fix, but taking no action will likely never result in a fix at all. It's a choice!

(I could ramble on...)
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"Mindfulness is about choosing to pay attention to the moment with kindness and curiosity. It's about noticing when your mind has wandered and bringing it back to what's right in front of you." ~ Carla Naumburg

Feb 26 activity minutes: 10
Feb 25 activity minutes: 80
Feb 10 - 24: 130 :( - sub total 650
Feb 9 activity minutes: 80
Feb 8 activity minutes: 40
Feb 7 activity minutes: 30
Feb 6 activity minutes: 40
Feb 5 activity minutes: 45
Feb 4 activity minutes: 45
Feb 3 activity minutes:130
Feb 2 activity minutes: 70
Feb 1 activity minutes: 40

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