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Monday, March 02, 2020

The 5% Challenge is made up of twelve unique teams, that race against each other to 8 exciting destinations for 8 weeks this spring. Here are descriptions of each team, along with a personalized testimonial from one of its members.

The Awesome A Team - A friendly welcoming team no matter your fitness level. Though a highly competitive team, its focus is on effective TEAM work. Team members take pride in starting the challenge and finishing it with great enthusiasm.

I have found the Awesome A Team Leaders to be very inspirational and full of motivation. It has been awhile since I have seen Leaders be so supportive of their team. I would like to Thank all the Leaders for the time they volunteer to support all of us in our weigh loss endeavors.

Casual Travelers - For those of us who want to weigh in or participate when we can, and not have the pressure of being on a competitive team. You are expected to post your exercise and LTGL points by Fridays and weigh on Saturday (or sooner).

I have been really bad on this challenge due to things going on in life :) but in the past I have found the challenge to be very helpful and fun. You get out what you put into them . Its great to know you are not on your journey alone . Happy Blogging :)

Cloverleafs Team - Supportive with weight loss, and life's journeys, joys & trials. A friendly fun team with motivating activities. Everyone has different abilities but we want every team member to focus & be accountable for what improvements they can make.

The 5% Challenges are great because it provides accountability and community support. The weekly LTGL challenges are fun to further our progress and try some new strategies.

Determined Daisies - Daisies are an active, supportive, friendly and encouraging team. We recognize everyone is at different ability levels whether training for half marathons or doing chair exercises. We are determined to make a healthy difference in our lives!

The 5% challenge helped me just start my weightloss jounrey and get me to try to use new ideas. The community aspect is also amazing. I love being able to count on my team for support.

Firecrackers...we fiercely ignite each other's fuse through support and teamwork. We celebrate victories big or small. A firecracker standing alone is beautiful, but when you combined know many firecrackers together it is a wonderful display. Spread your spark!

Rowdy Rebels - Are you ready to commit and participate in a friendly, encouraging, but competitive team of ROWDY members striving to reach our full potential? We welcome YOU right where YOU are at various activity levels and stages of weight loss.

Participating in the 5% challenges has given me courage and the strength to increase my exercise minutes each day. In addition, I have met so many new Spark Friends that I encourage along the way. The challenges help improve my commitment and discipline while working towards my weight loss goals.

Shooting Stars - A source of warmth and beauty, awe and inspiration, to those who see it. The SHOOTING STARS are striving to “Live the Good Life”, reaching out to one another with support and encouragement along the way. Come SHINE with us!"

Spirited Under Dawgs - The Spirited Under Dawgs is a HAPPY playful pack who is a fiercely loyal, competitive, extremely supportive team braving every challenge encountered. Run with us in the best kennel ever. Join this EXCITING team!

Starfish - a balance between competitiveness and camaraderie. Our "SEA-Mentor" program bonds new members and "veterans" during what can be a challenging eight weeks! Team

I have been star Fish for several challenges enjoy the honor of being a E leader for several
Cheering my fellow fish on the journey to good health.
We travel to together to fun and interesting places Working as a team to land our plane
When it get close to landing and I have not earned 120 minutes of fitness I find my self getting up and getting some more minutes to see if I can be the one to land our plane.

Teddy Bears - a group of loyal, caring and supportive members with a playful competitive streak. We are active and expect our team members to be committed to fitness.

After losing 10 lbs on my own, I joined SParkpeople in August, 2011 and lost 15 more lbs with the help of the 5% Challenge. These seasonal challenges are great motivators and a communal support for me. I continued to use the challenges to maintain my weight loss until the winter of 2017 when I decided that being out of the country would make it too difficult to participate in that season’s challenge, and I convinced myself I could maintain my weight loss on my own. I was wrong, wrong. I gained 10 lbs, but after rejoining the next challenge was able to get back to maintenance. I have no good reason to ever leave the 5%Challenge again.

Walkers, Runners, Joggers & Gadgeteers (WRJ&G) - Empowering lives through healthy eating and fitness. We try our best, celebrate each other's success and have fun while working on reaching our goals. We are in it to win it and you will be held accountable!
Even when I don’t make the 5% goal, I’m inspired by the supportive community to keep going and try again.

Weight Warriors - Warriors are not born. We are Warriors at heart, fighting a daily battle. "Unleash the Warrior Within" and share the daily battles as a team. We are fiercely competitive and want to win this "Battle of the Bulge".

I LOVE Challenges. For me, the structure and commitment (and I DO see it as a commitment) are what keep me on the straight and narrow. As I get closer to my Maintenance Weight, it has become more important. I can easily plateau, which can be frustrating. I am in this for the long haul so I can reach my goals. I also love the team format. I feel I have made some terrific Internet friends. If you are willing to give it a serious try for 8-weeks I think you will LOVE Challenges too.

Join us this Spring! Challenge starts 4/4/2020
Click the link to join:
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