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Day 17/600 - a pep in my step, and a note to self

Monday, March 02, 2020

Super excited - 2.5lbs down for the week. (Average weight - I do weigh daily and divide by 7, which balances out my occasional water weight gain)

Noticed I feel great and have a lot more energy. I have only been on my (latest) journey for a little over 2 weeks, but I notice that I feel great all day. I don’t get sluggish, can stay focused and on task. During meals I can hold a conversation. Feel energetic when I am walking, in fact feel like skipping (probably not a good idea....the knees, you know).

But, I have also been here, several times, and I am trying to understand what gets me to let go of my journey. First slowly, then gradually more and more, until I am back to my old self. I think it‘s trading off my „natural high“ for a „sugar/carb high“. And it‘s definitely easier not to be disciplined.

So, I wonder, what will I do different this time.

Note to self:
- I must remember how good I can feel without getting my kicks out of food...
- I must remember that food does not equal happiness - need to remember that food (the wrong kind) actually puts me in a haze...
- I must remember how much easier it is to tie my shoe laces...
- I must remember that is easier to take the stairs...
- I must remember that I don‘t have to break out in sweats when I dress for the day...
- I must remember that the food I cook is actually so much better, and more wholesome, than a burger at the drive through...
- I must remember that I actually don‘t starve to death if I don‘t every 2 hours...that it‘s ok to get hungry...and that the food tastes a lot better when I take my time...
- I must remember that I do always have a choice...and that I am actually awesome... :-), and that I CAN DO THIS!

Day 17 - 18.1 lbs down - only 181.9 lbs or 583 days to go to 220lbs

I WILL succeed, because I choose to, because I CARE!

C - COMMIT + Plan every day - I choose to see every day as a new opportunity!
A - ACT on my plans consistently - I choose to take the initiative, I own this!
R - RECORD + REVIEW daily - what worked, what didn’t - Celebrate every victory, learn from any challenge!
E - EMBRACE the journey - I choose to own every decision and every choice and will not be derailed by one challenge, by one bad choice!
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