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Water, Water, Everywhere

Tuesday, March 03, 2020

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Water is important. Being dehydrated is hard on your body in a bunch of different ways. So how much should you drink? I recently learned that there isn’t actually much scientific evidence backing up the 8 glasses a day thing that’s repeated so much. But you need to start somewhere. So how much? Well what’s the temperature? Climate? How much did you exercise? Sweat? Move around in general? How much water-rich food did you eat? What’s your body composition? Body size? All of that and more can affect how much you need on any given day. Yeah…

Even guidelines that are often given have caveats. Drink when you’re thirsty? Some people don’t really get this cue and you may already be dehydrated when it kicks in. Check if your urine is light yellow? Some vitamin and mineral supplements can darken it.

So?? Try to get in tune with yourself. Spread out your water intake throughout the day. Eat water-rich foods. Flavor your water a bit if you hate water. Other beverages count but not 1:1; water is more hydrating.

Just know, increasing your water intake can cause you to have to run to the bathroom a lot more than your used to while your body gets used to it. Normal and kind of annoying. But think of all the extra steps you’re getting in! Your step tracker is proud of you.

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