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Take care of you

Friday, March 06, 2020

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You already know you love yourself. Even if it doesn’t feel like it sometimes. The fact that you’re somewhere like here trying to make your body stronger and fit and healthier proves that you love you. Loving your body is part of that. Some jerk once sarcastically remarked that if I loved my body so much then why I am trying to lose weight. They looked smug too because obviously if I loved me then I wouldn’t want to change at all. I thought it was a stupid thing to say. It’s because I love my body that I want to lose weight. My love my body and all it does and everything it could do. It’s because I love it that I want it to be stronger and more fit and healthier. Loving yourself and wanting to improve aren’t mutually exclusive. Everything doesn’t have to be perfect for you to love yourself.

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Taking good care of you is showing yourself how much you love you. If you need a break, take one. If your feeling overwhelmed, take some you time or even just stop and take some deep breaths. If you’re feeling burned out, take a break and ease up on yourself. It’s ok. Recovery is not just something you need for exercise, sometimes you need mental recovery. Self-care is a big part of health too.

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Don’t beat yourself up for making a bad choice. Don’t do it emotionally or physically. And by physically I mean don’t use too much exercise or too little food to punish yourself. Stop punishing yourself. You’re going to trip and sometimes fall. You might even stay down for a while. Instead of berating yourself for your lack of perfection, be your own cheerleader, give yourself a hug, and get ease back on track.

Image by: chibird.com

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