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April 1,,Whew...

Wednesday, April 01, 2020

I seriously do not want another day like today. I spent the day with my bottom tucked into one vehicle or another. Sailing past those over road signs that light up and say STAY HOME!! Dang I would if I could!!

My DIL does not drive..needed groceries and my son was working . So..Off to town earlyish..her early and my early are different animals! The lines at the store weren't bad..we were masked and gloved. Most people were being distance respectful, some not. I was amazed at the mixture of folks, a few were like we were with masks and gloves..maybe a quarter, then another quarter that either had masks on or gloves..then the rest were Like Magick thinkers cause they were just as casual as could be and did not seem to think there was anything going on. I was relieved to get out of there. A stop at the bank..the drive up only!
Thank heavens for ATMS's. There was a lady that had not gotten the message I guess, she was at the main door of the bank looking very confused. I did feel sorry for her.
We got back in time for me to load up the cage for the new rooster and head on down to pick him up. Had a brief conversation ..maintaining proper distancing. Then home.
I took him in the kennel down to the chicken yard, immediately the ladies surrounded the kennel..checking out the new guy! I gave him a bit of feed , he immediately started that "ya'al come there is food here" sound that roosters make! That made me smile..plus he is a beauty!
About a year old so a healthy young guy! I was just getting ready to do pictures when I got a call. ...plans change when phones ring!
My neighbor who was going to SAM's with us in the AM ..well her hubby is sick..not sure if it is virus or sinus..but either way..better safe than sorry..so she asked could I pick up a few items for her. At this point most of my day is gone..so why not! Got her list , then to town once again. First stop feed store so my critters will be well fed ..then over to SAM's, I got about 3/4 of what she wanted,,can't get what isn't there!! Picked up the milk my DIL forgot to get and headed home once more. At this point driving thru the nearest drive thru that served any kind of food was pulling at me like the moon pulls the tide,irresistible is the word that comes to mind. I was actively plotting which drive thru to go to since I was in the Farm truck and it can't make the turns at some of the drive thru without climbing a few curbs..what were they thinking..this is mtn country..lots of folks drive big hunky trucks!! I had about decided on one..and that lil angel on my right shoulder tapped my forehead and said..You Have Food At Home!! Spoil sport!! So we wrote a lil song as we barreled down the road. It is very simple..just chorus no fancy verses..You gotta stay home..You oughta stay home, , Home is where the food is..You got food at home...repeat until you get home to fix real food!!
So no pics of the new guy..but will get some in the AM. He was clucking and wanting to be put in with the girls tonight as it got darkish, chickens are night blind so they do not like to be out in the dark. The girls had already tucked in..so I carefully put the kennel in the house and opened the door. One of the bigger older hens started kind challenge clucking..but she settled down. Last peek he had flown up on one of the rails on the roost and seemed to be settling in.
The kid in me wants to sneak down there and peer in the window to see if all are ok. The rather tired and cranky adult in me says ..it ain't happening tonight..so get over it!
Yep it is time to check that bed out and see if it is as comfy as Molly makes it look. (secret,,I know it is..but it is our game, I ask her if the bed is comfy and she give a big sigh then settles her head down in my pillow!)
Nite ya'al..rest well...stay home and stay safe..that is my plan now!!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Time for the truth. As a former critical care nurse, like me, you know that the more you expose yourself to this the more you are likely to get it and transmit it to others. You seem to be out running around more than you did before. Encountering hordes of people. Not really social distancing at all. Like my neighbors, every day is a new "emergency". Everyone who responds to your blogs is nicely trying to tell you something read through the lines- stay home, stay safe, stop making excuses. You can stay home if you want. At least combine your trips and limit your exposure to once a week or less. I can think of a million reasons I could go out every day but my hubby wouldn't allow it if I were that stupid. I have not been out since our governor toId us to stay home. I would not be telling you this if I didn't care about you. I would just wait for you to keel over dead. We are staying home. For real.
    54 days ago
    Such a busy day! Great storytelling today too! Loved your lil travel-home song. Glad you got your rooster. emoticon emoticon emoticon Hope emoticon your neighbor gets better without complication. emoticon
    54 days ago
    I love reading your 'short stories' blog. You have a way with writing and I like your style. Very entertaining, interesting and fun. I hope your new roo is already pals with the gals.
    54 days ago
  • MSHEL7
    Wish more people would suit up when going out. Busy day for you. Take care.
    54 days ago
    So what are you going to call the handsome youngster Katie?
    54 days ago
    stay safe! emoticon
    54 days ago
    emoticon STAY SAFE
    54 days ago
    By morning I'll bet the rooster and the hens are best pals. (hope)
    54 days ago
    I have been surprised also at how many people I am seeing who are being very casual about what they need to do to be safe and prevent spreading. You wonder how ugly it needs to get to get some of the folks attention.
    I take my hat off to all of those who are gearing up as we should. Wear a mask even if you have to home make one. Gloves where possible and washing before and after we do everything we do. We will get though this and be wiser and stronger for it.
    54 days ago
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