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Friday, April 24, 2020

So, I've been struggling for a while now, and I'm feeling it now:
1) How my clothes fit;
2) The bulge I feel in the middle;
3) Lack of motivation and energy;
4) Not sleeping well;
5) Neuropathy returning in leg;
6) Less strength/endurance in my legs;
7) General apathy;
8) Dissatisfaction with myself, and
9) The less attractive image in the mirror.

Regardless of how much/little the change on the scale, these things raise a flag to me that I'm slipping back into poor habits and routines which threaten my progress. I've held on pretty good for a year now, but it's clear, if I don't make changes, I will have another setback. I do understand why--with hubby home clamoring for comfort food and bringing risky snacks home--it's been easy to fall back into using food as a comfort when so many other things are out of whack. But . . IT IS CLEAR . . . CHANGE MUST BE MADE.

I did a little research on Google this morning and discovered that a lot of those things are very common during quarantine. And guess what?!!! The ANTIDOTE IS ACTIVITY AND A SCHEDULE! So instead of letting this slide with the good excuse of the quarantine, I took some time to reevaluate my plan, and I realize it's not specific enough.

During normal times, I go to bed around 10 and get up around 6. Since the time change, it's SO dark in the mornings, and my hubby is still dragging around (we just did this in April down here in Mexico), and we've both fallen back into our night owl tendencies. For that reason, I'm putting my wake up time at 7am. If I get an earlier start, more power to me! In the meantime, I'm taking control back again and being more specific.

I typically try to keep my daily Fitbit step count at 8,000/day (just because that helped me maintain my 2014 weight back when).

My daily EXERCISE plan (about an hour/day) is:
-BellyBlastApp (13m), includes strength/core training
-StrongArm Video (12m) alternate w/other Strength Training
-4 Minute Menopause exercise routine (Lucy Wyndham-Reed) (4)
- Mountain hike/walk OR Faithful Workouts (30m) OR Gardening


- 7am - Get up; EXERCISE/WATER
- 8am - Make pot of coffee; (a) take meds, (b) first glass of LEMON water, and (c) eat HUNGER BUSTER
-8:15am - Morning prayer & devotions w/coffee & praise music
- 9am – (a) sync fitbit for hours of sleep and previous day's steps, (b) take BP & update/record in mini-health journal, (c) login to Spark; and (d) post in Spark Teams.
- 9:15am - Shower, dress, prepare for day
- 9:45am - Breakfast & Marriage devotion with Hubby (in Mexico, that's mid-morning)
- 10:30am - Daily duties/communications (right now it's mosty office work--daily schedule in agenda)
[2:30pm – lunch break (Nutrition tracking after each meal if possible)]
- 6:30pm - Evening with Hubby
- 10pm – (a) plan for and prep for main meal TOMORROW, (b) exercises/relaxation; (c) update mini-health journal totals
- 10:30pm – Bedtime

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