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May 2020 progress, June targets

Monday, June 01, 2020

I am at my lowest weight for a long long time!

I completed couch to 5k weeks 3,4,5,6 in May and ran 25 mins continuously for maybe the first time ever, certainly the first time since leaving school.

I lost 5 1/2 pounds in May, and one and a half inches off my waist. I've still not got the weight loss quite matching the calorie deficit from nutrition and fitbit tracking, but it's much better than it was since I got stricter with weighing out the food I was tracking. (6 pounds predicted vs 5.5 pounds actual is pretty good in my book)

As well as the coffee milk, I found a few more potential hidden calories. (fortunately my "curl of spread" WAS just a curl and not a mountain on the bread with three or four times the relatively large number of tracked calories, but I'm still weighing it out now - measure tub, knife out the spread and put it on bread, see how much the tub weight has dropped by - same with things like ketchup.) Milk, I measure some in the morning and put in a separate container, which I then use for cereal and coffee through the day. If I want more, I'll have to measure and track more!

Some things are difficult to track, as the packaging shows nutrition for xgrams of food grilled, say. no help if I'm cooking in the oven and not grilling, or it's something that's difficult to weigh out after being cooked because other things have been added and you've cooked for 3 people. things like "the average oven cooked 125g chicken breast has this...." whereas the ones in the packets are actually much larger! I can only guess at such foods.

I have a suspicion that my food scale is not completely accurate and is understating a bit but the weight and, importantly, inches are going, so at least what I am doing is working well at the moment. I'm hoping that by the end of June I will feel comfortable to eyeball the servings of things like ketchup, instead of weighing, as they don't have a lot of calories and I don't eat them that many times a week. It's the things I consume daily (e.g. milk for coffee) that could be calorifically sabotaging if I don't keep their portions under control.

For June I am going to try and keep the momentum going and NOT fall off the wagon (happens too often when I reach a target) - I should be at my "normal BMI weight" (149lb) by July (even though my waist has many more inches to go yet!) so I feel motivated to keep it up. My inches lost sadly aren't noticeable as I'd gained weight in the last year and my clothes had become tight, whereas they're now a comforable fit again - so haven't dropped a size compared to what I've been wearing since last autumn. I'm hoping to drop a size before summer ends - again a motivating target not too far in the future. I have a pair of shorts a size smaller, that I think I might get into by August if I work hard.

Things that "threaten" my success in June will include going back to work... Due to Lockdown, I currently have lots of time to think about the day's nutrition and with no commute, there is no stress. I need to make a plan so that I don't get home tired, hungry and stressed and reach for a packet of crisps and a cold beer instead of making something healthier. I will have several exams to sit, which have been postponed during Lockdown - I will need a good timetable to fit in study/revision while leaving time for dog walks, cooking, housework, food shopping, garden maintenance, showering etc, as well as some downtime. Not easy when I leave the house at 6am and get home around 5pm, and go to bed around 9-10pm. (on paper, 4 hours sounds a lot doesn't it? I certainly need to work on some good time management and meal planning now rather than waiting for our return date).

On a plus side, my 2-way commute is 2-3 hours walking/biking daily, so I'll get plenty of active minutes - I may incorporate my couch to 5k runs on my commute home. June goal: complete c25k.

I'm still struggling to "do" strength training so need to really get on top of that, as I know it will help. June goal - 10 mins a week every week.

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