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My Mission Statement

Thursday, June 11, 2020

I wanted something that I could see on a daily basis that would help to remind me of what I want to achieve. Not just a list of goals and reasons for them I wanted something that shows what I want to focus on.

A Mission Statement was the answer but how was I going to make one that fits my lifestyle goals?
After searching both here on SP and the internet I found this.
How To Write Your Weight Loss Mission Statement In 5 Easy Steps

It takes time to sort out what you want to add then creating drafts until your happy with the result.
I wanted it to be concise and decided on using bullet points ( I can't add them here but they are on my version). I chose to add a Dragonfly as they represent transformation and adaptability in life, both are needed to make permanent lifestyle changes.

This is the result.


My mission is to:

Build permanent healthy habits.

To increase my fitness level.

Erase excess weight.

Commit to regular activity.

Monitor my food intake.

To make my own health a priority.

To use my creativity to keep things interesting.

To have a body that I feel good about in terms of how I look and what I can do.

To be the best version of myself with my health and fitness and emotional well being.

This will be printed off and placed where I can see it on a daily basis. I will add it to my BuJo and Journal.

Does this mean I am not using Goals?
Of course not, goals are important, they provide something to work towards and can be altered each week as I plan what I want to do.
Goals change on a regular basis. What my mission statement will provide is a reminder of what I am focussing on.
Now I can see what is important to me and select the goals to achieve the lifestyle changes that will improve my health and life in general.

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