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June 2020 progress, July targets

Wednesday, July 01, 2020

so... not the fantastic month I hoped for - life enjoys throwing curveballs doesn't it!

the good bits: I. Lost. Weight. 3.6 pounds. (15 pounds total since 10th march) I lost another 1/2 inch from my waist, and another inch or 2 in total "here and there"... I completed the couch to 5k running program. I got my next exam booked. I am at my lowest weight since summer 2014!! I found some fitness, health, weight, nutrition etc youtube channels that I've never seen before, which I enjoy and are motivating me. I did more strength training than usual, though still need to work on improving this

the not so good bits: my weight loss did not get me to the big June goal it should have done. I should have reached 149 pounds - no longer in overweight BMI category, but I'm nearly 1 1/2 pounds over still.... Even after tweaking my food tracking, i'm just not losing weight according to a 3500 cals per pound deficit formula based on what i consume vs "what fitbit says i've burned". On average over the last 3 months, it's been more like 4300 cals per pound. metabolism slow much? ooof. I've not done as much study and revision as I should have done, so have got to work hard for that exam in 2 weeks.

the bad bits: Within a couple of days of returning to work, I strained a muscle or trapped a nerve (or both?) and have barely been able to walk for the last 2 weeks. - I think a 30 minute run followed 20 mins later by the brisk 90min 4 1/2 mile walk to work,followed a couple of hours later by a brisk 4 1/2 mile walk home did the damage. on many days since then fitbit has clocked up almost no movement - some days crediting me barely 1600 calories burned in total for the whole day! hard to lose weight when burning so little and not being prepared to eat tiny amounts of calories (my usual target is 1300-1600). A couple of days I did eat much lower but...

I also had a couple of days where I went way way WAY over my calories - you know, the energy out: 1600, eat/drink (energy IN) 2500 days! fortunately I caught the "wobble" and prevented myself falling right off that wagon. Those days were alcohol days, so lesson learned! strictly back to 1 day a week at the most, and calories "earned" in advance on that day for that evening. My spreadsheet has a red cell on ("how well did I eat today") days where I don't make a calorie deficit (or if i do, it's less than 100 cals) - I don't want to see those red cells on my spreadsheet! There were 4 of them in the last 10 days of June and not enough green ones (deficit of 500 cals or more with good food choices)

Moving forward through July: July WILL be the month where I reach my big current weight target - the 149 pounds, normal weight BMI. my target: jul 9th BLC weigh-in. I will continue with my nerdy spreadsheet... it's showing me some patterns and numbers that I can adjust for the next few months. clearly my (and fitbit) tracking doesn't match expectations, so I shall change my expectations to what it's suggesting... 4300 cal deficit for a 1 pound loss. I have 2550 calories left to "decifit" to reach my 20 pounds weight loss since March (a target of 145 pounds). Obviously this is not going to happen now, but 15 pounds lost has still been flipping good. I'm likely to "clear" those calories by this weekend ready for a new target.

I shall set the new poundage target/calculations with my 4300 cal figure rather then the 3500 one. I think 5 pounds a month is a good, albeit challenging for me, target to aim at, so will try for 15 pounds in 3 months. This would take me to around 135 pounds and a clothing size down on what I am now I'd think, maybe even 2 sizes for jeans. (I'd been squeezing into my current clothes for too long rather than buying a bigger size, hence still wearing the same ones despite a decent loss - at least they're not a squeeze any more!).

I've planned out my "menu" for the whole of July - I should only need to do grocery shops for milk and bread top ups.

Hopefully the pain/injury will go away soon (it does feel much improved in the last day or so) so I can get moving normally again. I could have cycled for exercise, but we've had quite a bit of wet/windy weather in the last week, so not great for that! I'll see if I can find some chair workouts to do if necessary.

July goals -
strength training minimum 10 mins a week still but try for 15 by the end of July,
5 pounds weight loss (average "for me" at least 700 cals per day or 5000 per week deficit as it's just over a pound a week),
stick to my pre-planned menu,
no more than 1 red spreadsheet cell "how well did I eat/drink today" per week!
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