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More pills, I hope they help something.

Thursday, July 02, 2020

My endocrinologist told me not to take adrenal gland because it works like a steroid and will make my blood sugar go up. Which is why my blood sugar was up. However, I did read that Omega III will help with inflammation. Since most of my problems are related to inflammation, I thought it was worth a try. I gave up all things tomato and fish since I’m allergic to them. My skin is looking much better, unless I accidentally have some. Since Fish Oil is how you get Omega IIIs, I had to figure out some other way to get it. That’s either nuts, or flax seed oil. I’ve also had to give up Sulfasalazine because it was making me throw up pretty often. Since then I’ve been much better, unless a kidney stone was in play.

I did get a really bad migraine that meant I had to go to the hospital. Migraines give me aphasia now, which means my language center, which also affects my numbers, gets really screwed up. I can’t find words, I can’t dial a phone because even though I can remember the words for a phone number, I can’t translate them into the shapes for the numbers. It is scary and frustrating, especially when I need help. Plus I can’t keep anything down, including migraine meds that might help. My brain looked fine on the CAT scan, but my veins kept blowing. My arms are all bruises.

I’ve also decided to try cbd oil, which Jess has been trying to get me to take for years. It comes in capsules, which is the only way I think I could tolerate it because of the taste. We bought it today, and I just started it. My hope is that it will help several of my health issues. The Omega III is supposed to help with a lot of stuff, including my weak blood vessels. I hope something helps my diabetes feet. My feet look awful, and it really hurts to walk. Plus my RA makes my hands and other joints achy. If either helps anything I will be happy.

We went to Ikea, which is a lot of walking. We bought two cabinets and a shelf. We took two trips to Cincy, and my feet felt like they had been crushed on the way home. It feels like it’s time to trade this body in if I can’t get it working better soon. If I could get rid of my sugar addiction it might help me. Maybe some day I’ll have some real success story like everyone else seems to have. You never appreciate the current state of your body until it gets worse. Enjoy what you have now, because trust me, it could be worse. Getting back to a better state is really hard, if not impossible. If it works, though, it would really be worth it. Good luck.

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