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Record hay again. Happy 4th of July!

Saturday, July 04, 2020

Its a broken record. Each year I blog how I get record busy outdoing the previous hay year. This year no different, set small square bale and hay delivery record in June, delivering 12,000 of the 13,500 put up in June. Here it is July 4th over 16,000 bales after baling more today. 280 of the 420 acres of 1st crop put up with 2nd cutting ready to cut. Yep record number of hay acres this year too. So it continues to be record busy the next 5-8 weeks then just crazy a few weeks after that and soon enough its all over. I just keep reminding myself 100% of farm income is generated months in less than 4 months. Working this hectic of pace is not sustainable over 12 months but is over 4 months. I have 12 weeks of vacation planned over the 8 months between hay seasons of putting up the hay.

I continue to never worked so much in my life trend as in the case this hay season slightly outdoing each of the past two hay seasons. Its hip related for sure, two good ones now and pain free at new levels the past five months now. Body holding up surprisingly well considering I am still in the 230 to 240 range, fitness and conditioning is great as it has been with all the small square hay handling. I push for as many hay deliveries as possible as I have help to load trailers so all I have to do is handle bales once for most of my 11,000 delivered so far. Missed two days of delivering hay since June 3rd, often multi delivery days. Days are extremely long but ever 350 small square bale delivery I can do now saves me 700 extra bale throws in fall, winter and spring and frees up more vacation time. I do it because I can but at expense to my plan of action.

Tracking has become too difficult when this busy but now the garden is ready, best its ever been thanks to my 89 year old dad in hyper drive this summer taking care of the garden and going crazy over the farm and woods with his bobcat brush cutting and mowing grass. I have been picking and adding lots of green onion, adding to eggs and pellet grilled meat or seafood. I chop the entire green onions up, scallions and all one or two big pans a day. Just started doing that. Also been picking Kale and making kale chips, drizzle infused Tuscany olive oil and sprinkle sea salt with oven to 275 for 20 min. With lots of tomatoes, peepers, cucumbers, broccoli, eggplant, cauliflower soon to be ready the strategy is to live off the garden adding eggs and meat for my meals. Been a lot of occasional fast food, pizza, chips or poor choices mixed in with mostly good the past several weeks. l If I eat significantly superior nutritional, get into a grove choosing this instead of that, all the time, live through my garden, no reason I can not loose 10-15 pounds by end of August before switching back to tracking and following the plan of action I know works. Soon enough the priority will focus on my plan of action again. Have to remind myself its eight months of plan of action can absolutely work non work related so its all on me for my recent 2 years of plateauing. Or is it 4-5 years of plateauing? Its going to be address soon, less than three months to end of hay season! This is the record of all record hay years as starting next year will be cutting back 80 acres and get into a more manageable hay season. Feeling very fortunate to be able to do what I do and no complaining on my part the endless long days for the moment. Do need to blog much more often than I have been.
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