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This and That and Prevail

Sunday, July 26, 2020

It's been over 3 months since I've posted a blog. I think about it often but have just not done it. Seems there's a lot of that going on in my home these days. I am deeply disturbed by what's going on in our country these days, especially when it all began here in my home town of Minneapolis. While talking to my oldest daughter one day a couple months ago I said "I just wish everyone could just get along." OH MOTHER, her voice dripping with sarcasm, that's what you have always wanted. I guess I see that as a positive thing - a world where people can talk things over and work things out with some sort of balance between parties.

But then it isn't even happening in my own neighborhood. I've lived in this house for 38 year, my next door neighbor was here when we moved in. For the first many years she had a fence along her property lines which my boys and their friends occasionally got in trouble over because their ball would go into her yard and the only way they knew to get inside her back yard was over the fence. But that's pretty much the only time I ever saw her - when she was scolding my sons. The fence came down at least 10 years ago and all was fine. Until the summer of Covid. It seems being alone in her home 24/7 is not good for her. Two weeks ago she grabbed on to the riding lawn mower while my husband was mowing - and he drives that thing like he drives a car: focused and fast. She said he was mowing on her property and she wanted him to stop - REALLY??? After he mowed her whole yard for her for years, after he went over to her home to help her mother off the floor a number of times while she was away working, after he leaf blows her yard every single fall.

She's been reseeding her back yard for years now - every spring she starts by raking the heck out of the yard and then putting down more seed and watering daily. She walks around her yard for hours hunting weeds to be pulled out of the grass. She stands on her deck looking out over her newly groomed grass. I guess she's afraid that our lawn mower may leave behind some weed seeds - there definitely is a lot of weeds in our yard. It's about 1/2 acre of yard, we can't afford to hire someone to take care of it and it's really too much for us to do by ourselves. I try. I pull weeds every day. And I have grass seed too that I will start planting in the early fall.

So now she's not talking to us - over grass! I guess that's the way of things.

I have found myself not hating this stay-at-home thing as much as most. I absolutely love being at home every day and Daisy loves it too. But I do find that the more I don't go anywhere, the more I don't want to go anywhere. My husband went to a gallery opening at the Art Center where he works - the first one since all this began. He invited me to go with. Do I have to wear a mask, I asked. The answer was yes. Well, that cinched it for me. I will wear my mask when I shop - which is down to maybe twice a month now. I started back to the gym as soon as they opened in mid-June. We don't have to wear masks while we are exercising but as of Saturday, per our Governor's mandate, we will have to wear one when we arrive and any other time in the building.

Prevail is a new book by Susie Larson, a Christian author who lives right here in the Twin Cities. I so enjoy her writing style - I also get a daily devotion from her by email and so often it's just what I needed to hear that day. The definition of prevail is to prove more powerful than opposing forces; be victorious. I have been lucky enough to be on her book launch team and while the book isn't going to be released until September 1st, I should be getting an advanced copy next week. I'm thrilled about that.

If you are interested in learning more about Susie Larson or her books (every one I've read has been excellent and has helped me through some rough times - in particular my knee surgery when I was pretty sure I'd never not be in pain again!), more info is available at


I will let you know my thoughts once I've read the book. Another Bible Study I'm working on right now is titled "It's Not Suppose to be This Way" by Lysa Terkeurst. Can you see the theme of where my mind is these days!

I hope you are all safe, healthy and happy. Have a wonderful Sunday!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    As for your neighbour... all I can say is, "misery loves company". Just change her name to Ms. Misery. She's got the problem, not you, and she'll soon be sorry NOT to get all that help from your hubby from now on. emoticon
    263 days ago
  • HOLLYM48
    It is such an interesting time really. And working right next to where everything happened is an odd feeling. And now every other day, we are hearing of shootings, robberies, and more in our own neighborhoods. I am with you, I wish we could all just get along.
    Continue to take good care of yourself through all of this.
    Sending big hugs!
    266 days ago
    Neighbors can be funny. They take the smallest thing and make it a big deal. Especially now with this new way of life. people start to show their true colors that they have been hiding behind fences. Now they hide behind a mask.
    I love your they sayings by Susie Larson - it seems like a great book. Keep us posted.
    Enjoy being indoors and don't let any one rattle your cage. emoticon emoticon emoticon
    267 days ago
    I'm amazed at how much has changed in such a small amount of time. I try not to go out that much and when I do I stay as close to home as I can.

    I'm sorry that your neighbor is being a problem for you.

    267 days ago
    These are definitely different times. "But I do find that the more I don't go anywhere, the more I don't want to go anywhere." That sums it up for me, too. Probably the last 5 years of teaching, the weekends and the occasional holiday that I didn't have to leave the house, were total joy. My license plate reads, "I Go" because it seemed that's all I did, get in the car and go.

    It's stinky that you have a grouchy neighbor. She will miss all the nice things DH did for her. How sad for her. These are scary times. John Bradshaw says that if you don't face your fear or your anger, it comes out sideways. Maybe she's just afraid.

    I'm going to watch for the book release. It sounds like one I would enjoy.

    It's always a treat to read your post. I love it when I see the email notice of a new post by you.
    Stay safe. Be well. emoticon emoticon
    267 days ago
    Oh my. So sorry your neighbor is acting this way. I think you're right about being alone, being home too long. I'm with you about us getting along; don't know why it is so hard. And seems like there are more and more confrontations every day.
    Will be check for your update on the Larson book.
    267 days ago
    your poor neighbor must be alone and frightened that she has no control over her life so she tried to control the lawn mower how sad maybe she needs to see her doctor Hugs
    267 days ago
    Your neighbor needs an attitude adjustment! I am so sorry Kathy.
    267 days ago
  • no profile photo CD23951588
    Stay safe!
    267 days ago
  • FRAN0426
    So sorry your neighbor feels she has the right to act the way she did to your husband when he was mowing her grass. Some people never appreciate what others do for them, and have been doing things for years. It might be time for her to do some of these things herself or pay for some young kid to mow her lawn, shovel her walkways too.
    I know many people just hate being at home in these trying days. I myself don't mind one bit being home. I go to the grocery store for the big shopping days (2 ) a month, hubby goes for pick up things we need like milk and bread, along with meds. we need.
    It will be wonderful when this Covid 19 can get under control, but think that will be down the road , in the future. We are really having large volumes of people , and many deaths here in our area in Texas. Then add the latest on top of that, the hurricane moved through. Very scary all night last night with the strong winds, the palm trees blowing and water rising outside. I am thankful we got through it with little damage , as far as we can see at present. When we can get out to see if there is more.
    267 days ago
    I always enjoy checking out SparkFriends' book suggestions. Thanks for the links.
    I'm so sorry about your grumpy neighbor, but I'm also sorry for her. Clearly she is not in a good place.
    Totally understandable that you want to limit your time out of the house, and I'm sure we can all agree that having to wear a mask totally stinks, but please be careful, you don't want to shut yourself in to where your joy goes away.
    267 days ago
  • BJAEGER307
    Seems like everyone has a short fuse these days. I like you enjoy staying home and actually don't want to go anywhere. My doctor's office called and said I had to make an appointment as my meds need refilling. I told them no I was not going into the office, so I'm doing a video chat with my doctor. This virus has changed everything for everyone. We've had a change of neighbors lately. I live in a city, and both houses on each side of us has sold this year. One side is a renter and they will be moving by the end of the year cause the landlord is going to put the house for sale. Guess he doesn't want to make repairs that she is doing for him. So I'm glad for that cause it sounds like he would be a slum lord. The other side is 2 nice young men. They have made such improvements since they have been here. Only draw back is that they have a pit bull that is on the aggressive side. Sure hope the dog respects the fence between our yards. I don't trust him at all. Hubby is bummed cause he wanted to make friends with this dog.

    Hope your neighbor sees the light and respects that you are only trying to help her. One day she will need help, so I'm hoping she's not burning that bridge too much.
    267 days ago
    Sorry you now have to put one with a "not so pleasant" neighbor. That is one advantage of living in the country. NO NEIGHBORS. Maybe all of this chaos now days really is effecting her.

    And yes it was so nice to see a blog from you. 3 months is to long, although you always respond to my blogs, so pretty well know what you are doing. Hoping to see more from you.
    267 days ago
    I am sorry to hear you live next door to such a stinker! ... 😞 .....Life is so short but why live it Being miserable? .... It sounds like you have a wonderful husband and companion and I am like you that I really do enjoy staying at I don't feel the need to be running around out there! ....Yesterday I had to however because now our governor is threatening lockdown down once more due to the increase in the virus. It seems that university students here do not want to stop there partying or adhere to any of the safety precautions that the rest of us Do! Therefore The incidence of outbreaks spiked. I needed a haircut so I got that dinner and also my husband and I restock with paper products and cleaning products because we do Are short again! I am glad and appreciative of a day to relax After all that running around yesterday! ....I hope you have a safe healthy and happy Sunday yourself! ... ❤ ....
    268 days ago
  • LYNCHD05
    Yes I agree these are strange times effecting people in different ways. Your neighbour sounds like she needs a little compassion in her life, it’s unfortunate when you have a neighbour like that. If she only knew what she was missing in life.

    268 days ago
    So sad about your neighbor. For sure being alone, home 24/ 7 is not good physically, mentally or spiritually.

    Life has changed so much for everyone worldwide. I pray SOME of what was normal before this is restored.

    268 days ago
    2020 has changed all our lives in ways we never would have imagined. At first it seemed like a bad science fiction movie watching the virus go from country to country and never imaging it would hit the US like it has.

    And now with the politcal climate as well as the changing of our countries history by removing statues and changing the names of landmarks and historal buildings to me "more politcallycorrect" it is a lot to deal with

    if you have never tried it there is a product from scotts. weed and feed. it really does kill the weeds while feeding the grass

    and if you want something more natural mix the orginal dawn liquid with white vingear and epsom salts and it kills needs naturally. you spray in the morning. they are dead by nighttime
    268 days ago
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