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Wednesday, August 26, 2020

This is an update from January 2020.
Wow, times do change!!
Since that time I have turned 70, broken my wrist, severely dislocated that elbow, had progressive bone on bone arthritis which resulted in a knee replacement last October and lastly, learned from the constant news that I am considered ELDERLY.


1) Lose 8 pounds by Christmas, eventual goal 40 pounds.

2) I will increase my stamina by performing increasingly longer Aerobic sessions.

3) I will increase my muscular profile by actively performing a variety of exercises using weight
training equipment.

4) I will decrease my stress level by employing mind body techniques


1) I will weigh 1-7 times per week using my Yunmai scale that measures not only weight but body composition.

2 and 3) I will track my cardio vascular and strength progress using my journal and my fitbit

4) I will watch my resting heart rate since I am now on a beta blocker and it varies as I workout more or less.

5) I will measure my mood simply by how I feel....and turn the tv off.


1) I will follow my Food Freedom Forever plan, using some of the philosophies of the DASH diet and the mediterranean diet.

a) Drink 6 - 8 glasses of non-caffeinated beverages daily, mainly water and tea.
b) Eat slowly – 20 minutes per meal
c) Dietary: Limit legumes, soy, beans, pease and corn. Limit grains to healthy grains. Limit dairy to small quantities of butter, and small amounts of yogurt. Cut back on sugar. No more than two alcoholic beverages for the week. No carrageenan, no sulfites, no MSG. Rare desserts and sweetened foods.

2) My goal is to perform cardiovascular exercise 30 - 60 minutes 5 times per week. (I will work up to this depending on my schedule)

3) I will perform ST twice per week using the TNT as well as the Jorge Cruise 8 minutes in the morning plan (two body parts daily, 6 days a week)

4) I will attend water aerobics classes twice per week or more when at home. These are now mostly cardio, the gym has locked up all the pool equipment according to health department guidelines. I will do squats, lunges and deep knee stretching while in the pool. Ahhh!

5) I will meditate 3 times per week, starting at 5 minutes using my yoga teacher's online videos and an app or two


I will adjust Cardiovascular, ST and dietary goals as I progress.

Life interferes, (boy did it ever) I will adjust accordingly and pick up where I leave off as soon as possible.

A picture is worth a thousand words. These are pretty smart goals.

I have Miss Ernestine's book and follow her on social media, she is 84 and walked 7 miles before her ST just the other day.......such an inspiration! She is a personal trainer.


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