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Round and round I go

Monday, September 28, 2020

I altered my grocery order - added in some fresh fruit and veg 'cos I was waiting to see what I needed.  Still no frozen stuff though as I'm determined to run down the old second hand fridge/freezer.  Which is why for dinner this evening I figured I'd see what I could use from the freezers.  I remembered on one of my 'yellow sticker' shops, I'd bought a cheese and tomato flat bread for the vast sum of 25 pence, which I'd then frozen for future use.  Tonight was that 'future use' occasion. 

What to have with it though?  Hmm, well there was the remains of a jar of tomato based sauce that needed using, and the bread was a perfect size for making a pizza type of thing.  What to top it with?  Back to the freezer and I pulled out a Polish sausage [I DID tell you I love Polish sausage].  Some onion and garlic, cheese, oh and I remembered I had some mushrooms to use.  Then I figured - jalapenos what with my being a chilli freak.  Pineapple is a 'thing' on pizza.  Granted not everyone agrees but I am firmly in the 'hell yes' camp so I wondered, given I still have apples to use up, would apple work on a pizza?  Well you don't know until you try so from this;

To this in 30 minutes or so.

Though I decided against the haloumi - figured it would be too salty along with the Polish sausage.  Granted, not the healthiest of meals [though I only ate half of it] but I was in a bit of a ''whatever"!'' mood.  Weigh in today and I've gained 2lb 4oz since last week.  How is that even possible?  I just don't understand what or why or how.  I've gained almost a stone so far this year.  It's driving me nuts.  99.9% of the time I eat so healthily it would make you want to puke.  I'm such a girly swot food wise it almost makes ME want to vomit!  It's not 'going without' on my part mind, I just tend mostly to prefer veg, salad, and generally healthy food.  I'm not much of a sweet or chocolate person - I have an Easter egg here from Easter 2019 ffs!  I still reckon that swimming is possibly the solution but of course, the pools aren't open due to lockdown [again].  

Enough of that - I'll drive myself crazy.  Tried to find out more about absent land owners and knotweed today.  Another subject on which I found myself going round and round in circles.  The local Council which you'd imagine would be the first port of call, are being exceedingly unhelpful.  I'm not looking for them to sort it out, just give me advice and point me in the right direction.  I'm going to get on to the local Councillors tomorrow and the local MP [not that she'll ever get my vote having already failed to respond to a previous email of mine regarding help for Nursey].  Spoke with Peetee on the phone tonight and told him if none of them give me clear answers I'll be starting a local campaign.  "No, no, don't," he replied "focus on what you need".  I get what he is saying, but, I AM focusing on what I need.  It's a ridiculous, illogical situation which offends my sense of fair play, so if there aren't processes in place, then it's a broader battle I have to take on.  I can't help it - it's just me.

Bright blessings
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    I watch a lot of tv and had trouble doing exercise regular. It was like 10 minutes walking once every few weeks. So I bought a not too expensive exercise bike about 2 weeks ago. I do about 15-20 minutes in the morning and in the late afternoon while watching my tv shows and it seemed to really help this past week. Had a big loss after 2 weeks of gaining. Hope that I continue to get results. Finding something that you can do consistently is a big help. Before everything closed, I really enjoyed water aerobics but even with gyms open I am not going as long as the pandemic is going so strong.
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    24 days ago
    Pizza looked yummy.
    25 days ago
    OH I love pineapple on pizza. My cousin introduced me to that and never turned back.

    Good luck in your endeavors to get advice about the absent landlord and the knot weed. **SGH** So frustrating dealing w/bureaucracy.

    25 days ago
    I agree that pineapple totally goes on pizza! If you've checked that your calories are in the right range try making sure you're drinking lots of water and do whatever exercising you can to jump-start your metabolism! After 3ish months of doing the same thing food and exercise-wise my metabolism suddenly decided to get a move on these past 2 weeks and I'm suddenly losing more than expected! Give it time!
    25 days ago
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