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A question for my Canadian friends...

Saturday, October 24, 2020

How did your family manage Thanksgiving this year?
Scaled back?
Skipped it altogether?
Limited to your bubble?
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My DIL and I are agonizing over what to do.
We share a bubble (7 of us) with our local son and grandkids but I also have a single son who travels for work and hangs out in bars where he lives in FL and also a daughter who works in the dining hall of a university...we rarely ever let her into our house any more...plus she has a very iffy bf that I don’t trust for a minute, about anything.

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    We had Thanksgiving in Lethbridge with friends that we have been visiting all fall (due to horse racing!!) There were 8 of us. We enjoyed our meal and the fellowship and were carefully seated around 2 large tables.
    27 days ago
    interesting responses
    27 days ago
    We have three grown kids each with a partner. I share on my blog today how we had a socially distanced family dinner. We plan to do the same for Thanksgiving. Just us. MY DIL is pregnant so she is pretty careful. My son, her hubby, teaches at the high school and is very careful. The others all work from home. They are very conscientious about making sure DH and I are safe. I say, do what you feel comfortable doing. emoticon
    29 days ago
    this is a hard one from ct so still have a month to decide, my daughter wants to do thanksgiving at her house , it will be me my husband and son. Her husband. then his 4 siblings and his grandma, and possible his step dad and mom and then their 3 boys, The same people we were with for her wedding outside in august. we can wear masks except to eat. the house is big enough, My husband works with many and has a few friends over outside, my daughter is a nurse in the thick of it, her husband works with people, no one will go if there sick we shall see , good luck with whatever you decide, Hugs
    30 days ago
    We are in the same boat ... trying to figure out what to do.

    Local DS usually has us and in-laws and fam come over. That would be his 5 ... which we have had limited contact with. And 5 others we have had NO contact with.

    Hubby says ... no.

    Then there is out of state kids and it's the same thing. We have had no contact since the first of January and those two households have had contact with their circles.

    Hubby says ... no.
    30 days ago
    Have to skip the family T-day. Too risky. DH and I are high risk, and he will be several weeks post op. So, it'll just be us. Prayerfully, maybe, Thanksgiving will be different, but not thinking so. Love our kids, but both are in jobs that means potential exposure.

    30 days ago
    It was just me and JF this year. We could not have family over as they live in Montreal and are in the "red zone" and we are in an orange zone. We have been advised by the provincial gov't to stay in your zone, and to not travel into red zones, and not invite red zone residents to other zones.

    Val lives in Hull, which is also a red zone. Montreal I believe has clamped down on things hard as their COVID infections are on the rise. I believe the rules is that if you do not live in the house you are in you are not supposed to be there! In other words, STAY HOME. Yesterday there were 2,584 cases reported in Canada.

    Yesterday the new COVID cases in the US was 83,757!! IN ONE DAY. (Wall Street Journal)

    So it was me and JF. We roasted a 6 lb chicken, had a scaled down meal but I made sure I made two pumpkin pies (sugar free, sweetened with xylitol) which we were extremely happy about for several days until it was gone.

    We are probably not going to see family until next May or June. Honestly, everyone in the U.S. should be doing the same. Your rates are ridiculously high. It's a very easy virus to catch and the more people that have it, whether they know it or not, the easier it is to spread. If you deprive the virus of hosts then it will end.
    31 days ago

    So much depends on how the siblings get along. How considerate they would be of their seriously ill brother. You also might do 2 Thanksgivings - one for the bubble and another later for the others. Or just say outright that you are not doing the in-person feast - and set up a zoom feast. Nobody needs to know who cooked what or ate what but a glass of wine could be lifted in toast - or a blessing said before everyone started eating.

    I'm so sorry that this is the way things are in 2020.

    Big hugs

    31 days ago
  • EDWARDS1411
    Our area (Toronto, Ontario) is back to Stage 3 because of the increase in cases and thus Thanksgiving gatherings were discouraged and kept to who we live with. Even though we all live together, the rest of the family was at the cottage closing it up for the winter. My DH and I had a nice, quiet Thanksgiving - we ordered in and there was no big cleanup afterwards.
    31 days ago
    Just the people I live with
    31 days ago
  • NANCY-
    Not Canadian, from Connecticut. What we are doing is sticking to our bubble of four and sending a Thinking of You gift to the rest of the family. Perhaps we will zoom with the grands.
    31 days ago
  • -JAMES-
    I'm Canadian.

    We bought a small Turkey (they were producing them smaller because gatherings are not as big as they used to be, ... nothing to do with COVID), and that was great because huge Turkeys are hard to cook evenly.

    However, a few days before Thanksgiving, with grandchildren just back in school, ... one of them got sick, not clear with what, and we cancelled everything. We delivered the Turkey and a few related things (roaster, thermometer, and some side dishes) to our daughter's place the day before. The children, aged 5 to 17 happily learned how to roast a turkey with some telephone calls.

    My wife and I had a nice meal together.
    31 days ago
    We are not having much of a Thanksgiving this year.
    31 days ago
    We had dinner with Siobhan, Chris and Aria. A different week-end, they had dinner with his parents, and his brother and his family.

    It isn't perfect... Aria went to her other grandparents' house with her father and brothers yet another week.

    I do believe that all these people are as careful as possible, but Chris has contact with lots of people as a police officer, and his brother is a fire captain at Toronto International Airport, responding to many calls every day (medical emergencies, not fires, thankfully).

    Already worrying about Christmas, as #'s are climbing rapidly all around us.

    Hope you come up with an acceptable answer. How upset would your single son and your daughter be if they weren't invited?
    31 days ago
  • LORI-K
    What agonizing decisions, Elizabeth. It’s just so terrible we have to think this way about our families and holidays. I will be curious, also, to see what our Canadian friends say.
    My daughter wants to come home for Christmas and bring her boyfriend. They both works in restaurants and both go to school (from home) and both still go shopping and do errands around town. Plus they would be flying here.
    As you know, when my husband travels, he quarantines upstairs for 10 days when he returns, How can I justify her coming for Christmas, but make my husband quarantine? This is where we are now. Big decisions to be made. I am thinking I will end up breaking my extreme quarantine rules to welcome her home. Perhaps we will wear masks in the house the whole time they are here, and bathe in sanitizer. I miss my baby girl.
    Good luck with whatever decision you make for your family.
    31 days ago
    We reluctantly decided to cancel this year (in Virginia, not Canada!). Nobody is happy but, hopefully, everyone will stay healthy. I will not sacrifice Christmas!
    31 days ago
    It was tough. A total of 6 people from 3 families. Each family stayed together and apart from other families by 3 ft. My college residence daughter was not invited.
    31 days ago
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