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Vet visit

Saturday, November 21, 2020

We had to take the Cooper-dog to the vet this morning. He started refusing to go up stairs, or to jump in my lap or just jump any distance at all. All he has been doing when I sit in my recliner is stand in front of me and whimper and cry, until I pick him up and deposit him in my lap and cover him with his blankie. And I have had to pick him up and put him in the bed at bedtime... or I would have to listen to the piteous sounds he was making. I am too soft a touch to withstand the sad puppy whimper... or those sad puppy dog eyes. I thought I might have been too precipitous in calling the vet as he made it down the stairs okay this morning and he jumped off the bed just fine too. But I am a bit of a worry wart. So we toddled off to the vet. She said the Cooper-dog is definitely experiencing hip pain, and he has some swollen lymph nodes in his groin. So, he is on an NSAID and an antibiotic for 14 days, and we go back to the vet Wednesday morning at 8am for a recheck. Poor puppy. We took Angel along with us for the car ride, as she simply adores jumping in the car to go anywhere (or nowhere really)! The dogs were both well behaved in the car, and the vet tech said the Cooper-dog was very well behaved for his exam. The vet is still doing curbside pickup and drop off. So I wouldn’t know if he was well behaved... except she made a point of mentioning what a good boy he was for the vet (even though the exam was painful for him). I gave him his first doses of the medications this morning. Thank goodness for “pill pockets”. I don’t know how I would get him to willingly take his medicine without them! I have tried sticking pills in cheese or wrapped in cold cuts... and he spits out the pills every time, lol. But those pill pockets are genius. He thinks he is getting a great treat, and I know he has taken his medicine happily. Yay! Right now he is curled up in my lap, being all cute and sleepy, but only because I picked him up and put him there. I hope you have a wonderful day!
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  • DEBBY4576
    Pill pocket. I had never heard of that! Thank you. And I already read Tuesdays blog and know "the Cooper" is doing better YAY!!
    63 days ago
    I'm so sorry to hear about poor Cooper. It's good you went ahead and had him checked out. It can be hard to know what the right thing to do is especially when they can't tell us with words what's bothering them. I hope he'll be much better when you take him back. When we had fur kids we would try to hide pills in peanut butter. Sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn't. emoticon emoticon
    64 days ago
    Aww, poor Cooper-dog. I hope he feels better soon! I'm glad you're feeling better enough to take care of this, too. emoticon
    65 days ago
    Poor Cooper he looks sad.I was delighted to hear the vet was able to help home as I too have fallen in love with Cooper!
    66 days ago
  • _CYNDY55_
    66 days ago
    Ohhhh Cooper Dawg hon, please feel better. Today I noticed that Izzy though she plays something FIERCELY is slowing down. In the AM she heads to the baseboard and sits there. I turn them up in the AM, I am thinking in the PM maybe I shouldn't turn them down so much???? I hate sleeping when it warm in here, but Izzy gal is so important to me.

    I HOPE Coopers meds work. MAYBE I SHOULD take Izzy in? I had in June they thought she was much younger,, they thought 6 or 7, she'll be 10 at the end of the month.
    66 days ago
    Aww, hope he feels better soon :), pet pain is harder to deal with ... lots of hugs
    66 days ago
    I started sleeping on an adjustable bed - the lowest part is too high for little Shiloh & old Sparkie. Samurai can just make the jump & Sharona just pops up. The smaller 2 stay all night long, until I pick them up & carry them off each morning. Sparky especially likes to stay in a little doggy taco without moving.I think he’s got bad hips, too, but he doesn’t whimper or anything. Hope Cooper response well.
    66 days ago

    Comment edited on: 11/21/2020 7:18:48 PM
    Awwww, hope that Cooper feels better on the meds and YOU TOO. Poor baby.
    66 days ago
    Poor Cooper-Dog. Hopefully the medication does it's trick, very quickly.

    66 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    66 days ago
  • BJAEGER307
    Awww poor Cooper. Sure hope he starts to feel better. Glad you got him to the vet and he gave him some medicine to make Cooper feel better. Never heard of pill pockets. What are they? Just curious. When we use to have to give our Spring Spaniel medicine, all we did was put the pill on the side of his mouth and then rub his throat, which forced him to swallow. Worked every time, and he really didn't mind it cause he always got a super treat afterwards.
    66 days ago
    Oh bless his heart---I am so glad you took him in to get evaluated. Our pets do communicate best they can---and a sad face w/ change of behavior says it when words can not. Just with our two little adorable budgies---we took them to the bird groomer last week-------Made a huge mistake asking her to 'clip' their wings. emoticon Well she did not just trim---she CHOPPED and they have a tiny nub of a wing!! Our little guy flies like Maverick on Top Gun--so to do this was horrible!! He did still try to attempt to fly our of his cage----goes a couple of inches and flops to the floor. He looks up at me with a sad little face......and i quickly grab his ladder and he comes running to me and jumps on. They know---again, glad Cooper is being taken care of. Will follow for updates---please.
    66 days ago
  • JILLIAN0216
    It is harder with our fur babies being they can't tell us in words what is wrong. So glad you took him in. I am lucky in the sense my dogs will take pills wrapped in cheese, cold cuts, or bread.
    66 days ago
    66 days ago
    It is worrisome when our fur babies are not well. We had a big dog with arthritis and at first the aspirin had to be hidden, then it switched when she realized how good she felt in the mornings. If Dad forgot the coated aspirin, she'd bang on his leg with her nose and hit his hand, he'd get the aspirin, she'd take it from his hand and be off to explore. Sounds though you have that pretty well covered with pill pockets, that is terrific. I really hope it helps Cooper out. It sure did help out Nics!

    66 days ago
    I understand what you are saying. Scarlett-dog has problems jumping up some days and I need to pick her up. She is 9 and has arthritis, so I purchased a ramp and she can run up it to the bed.
    66 days ago
    Like so many other, I have fallen in love with Cooper from your blogs. I hope that he recovers quickly & I agree that the pill pockets are wonderful!
    66 days ago
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