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Kitties make it Better

Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Before I commence with the memes, I have a funny story about today. I work in community services with the public. Our province has gone into (almost) lockdown, and asked us to work at home, as much as possible. I went into work to pick up my work cell and receive permission from manager to work from home except for one appt on Monday and Wed.

Let me set the stage.....

I've had odd sleep this past week. The other night I dreamed on and off about Lucifer - you know from the show, the handsome Lucifer with the winning smile. I gave my life to Lucifer, I was his, he was mine and whenever I woke up, then returned back to sleep, I simply picked up where I left off. However, the last dream of the night it was dark, creepy feeling and left me feeling very anxious when I woke up - could see the darkness swirling well after the dream was gone, the feeling stayed with me most of the day, however, I can't tell you what the heck the dream was about.

Other nights, I dreamed of being chased while driving, cars were out of control yet I had the ability to brake at the last minute. I'd almost go over the cliff, when I'd stop, back-up, turn around and head off down another road. People were yelling, honking horns, trying to ram me from behind and I eluded them all.

Last night I woke up several times between the pain, neighbours going off to work at 2AM, road noise, and plain confusion - which I know sounds weird, but I can dream so heavy, I experience deep confusion within the dream, so when I wake, I am really confused I woke up this morning feeling 'heavy", very anxious and paranoid. I also couldn't shake the feeling of confusion, and all day, my timing has been off.

So yeah, it's Monday, you know, famous "it's Monday everything goes bad" day. I don't usually get these days, but I did today. Asthma attacks as soon as I walk into the workplace, from the sanitizers. Forget to send out the Zoom link inside the email which I labelled "here is the Zoom link for this week." Cannot speak, mouth is sore, jaws are in pain (TMJ) and brain can't seem to think. Send out texts to the wrong client. Drove the long way to work because I missed turning right - no biggie, it added 2 minutes onto a 5 min drive. haha!

Yes I laughed over it all. Silly things, things that don't matter at the end of the day.

There are more important things happening that are causing the weird dreams and teeth grinding, along with shoulder tension and headaches. Things I really don't have control over. All I can do is be patient......

At the end of the day though, all was good. We carried out volunteer work - my client and I - and we both commented on how we really love Monday because we like making people happy.

Now if only I could have kitties in my apt, life would be grand..... haha!

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