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T is for The Threat Was There!!!

Monday, December 28, 2020

On December 14th I went into emergency surgery as the surgeon had feared that my cancer had returned. I had a friend drive me as I was to be given a local and also put into a twilight sleep like you are with a colonoscopy.

Well, when I arrived at the VA hospital, both of the anesthesiologists had a different plan for me based on my previous history and they also wanted to give the surgeon all the time that he needed to take care of the area in question, so they put me totally under with no local.

I sailed through the surgery but it was in recovery that I had my problems. An RN stood by my bedside and every 15 minutes he would try and wake me or at least see some movement or get a groan from me. He did this for three and a half hours, bless his heart!!! I kept throwing up and my throat closed up twice and I could not breathe. I thank God I was right there to get the care and evasive action needed to help me. The only restriction I received was to not lift more than 10 pounds.

On the 15th a nurse called me to make sure that I was okay after the surgery and I told her that I was but in quite a bit of pain. I expected this pain but what happened later in the week, I didn't expect!!! On the 18th an RN called me and asked how I was doing and I told her that I was in so much pain that I could hardly move and the pain medication they gave me wasn't working at all and it wasn't allowing me to sleep. With all of the information that I gave her she told me that it shouldn't be like that and if the surgeon or one of his associates were still there, she would have them call me immediately!!! If I didn't get a phone call I was to call her back on Monday morning the 21st.

I called the RN back on Monday morning and she immediately got someone to call me, as she remembered me and knew I needed some help right away. Jamie called me within five minutes and he told me that I was fine and that I would be okay. He read what Tammy, the RN had put in my record and asked if this was accurate and I told him yes. That's when I received the good news and some shocking news, which was also good news. Jamie told me that they biopsied the soft tissue and it was a fatty tumor, which is not malignant nor is it cancerous. Then the shoe was dropped, so to speak. He explained that the pain I was feeling was because the tumor was attached to my ribs and they had to biopsy the ribs to make sure that cancer was not in those as well and how they biopsied the ribs was to break them!!! I KNOW!!!! WOW!!!! Now, I understood the pain and knew how to deal with the pain without taking any pain medication because it wasn't working, to begin with.

The restriction of don't lift more than 10 pounds, I had to take it down to 2 pounds and I had to modify so many other things to enable me to try and move and get around. Jamie told me that it would take between 8 to 12 weeks for my ribs to heal. I have a follow-up appointment on the 6th of January and I would like to know how many ribs they had to break.

Today I am doing much better and I don't hurt as bad as I did before. I am still not able to lift things and my biggest challenge is getting in and out of the bed, as I lay down to sleep. YIKES!!!!!

God is good, as cancer DID NOT return and yes, the ribs are broken, but I know the truth now, and I know what to do to help myself.


- Nancy Jean -

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