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Imagine For A Moment

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Monday, January 11, 2021

You know there was something to learn for all ages from the Disney classics.

Cinderella donned the beautiful glass slipper, designed especially for her. It was the perfect touch to compliment her lovely gown, which made her a vision of loveliness!

But even in fairy tales there is adversity. And a cruel stepmother with mean spirited daughters. When Cinderella hurried into the coach, her slipper accidentally slipped from her foot. The wicked stepsisters coveted it, and even tried to squeeze their larger feet into it to claim as their own!

Can you imagine if everyone tried to squeeze their foot into the same shoe as the next person? Or if we all bought ‘one size’ clothing garments to fit any and all.

Absurd isn’t it? We all know we are exclusively different, and we come in various shapes and sizes and different backgrounds. We were not all cast from a human Jello mold. We vary in design and each of us have our own abilities and talents. Something to offer others.

Imagine if everyone appreciated their own worth and loved being themselves. Never wishing they were more like so-and-so. And not striving to live up to someone else's standard or expectations for us. Imagine if we never heard the painful words: “Why can’t you be more like your sister---or your brother—or the neighbor girl?”

Of course we can admire others for their strengths and qualities, even learn from them.
But if we compare ourselves to another and end up feeling bad, that is a road we don't want to go down. We are who we are.

What if we take stock of the things that makes each of us special-and resist comparing ourselves to another. I wonder if the world could be a peaceful place to live as we accept our uniqueness. Imagine living in harmony.
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