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Your Twinkies Are Showing!

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Monday, January 18, 2021

I remember the day all too well. It was in the late 80’s. I was washing my hands in the lady’s restroom when another woman stepped up, and asked:

“When is it due?” I thought, “When is what due?” .. But when her eyes fixed upon my belly-- I knew. My Twinkie's were showing! And all that I ate in secret--the pizza—the popcorn, you name it! (But as they say--what we eat, we end up wearing!)

I only kidded myself, thinking my blousy shirt was hiding “Only" an extra 20 some pounds conceived by indulging in an assortment this-that-‘n-the other. The picture tells the story.

What I did in secret was telling on me. I wasn’t kidding anyone but myself. emoticon I was a junk food junkie! There is no nice way to put it.

How did I get away with it for so long? I suppose my diligence to exercise, plus I was still younger and had a good metabolism. But the day came when I had to pay the piper!

Hostess twinkies—an occasional maple bar, buttery microwave popcorn, and ice cream cone now and then. Weekend pizza night out, followed by Oreos for dessert. And I’m not going to lie and say, “Well I wasn’t as bad as some!” We were also programmed to step right up for ‘concessions’ before watching a movie! After all, that was tradition!

That was many years ago. The woman’s words stung, but so does a shot in the arm! Yet, both can save my life—so I swallowed hard—(the truth-not junk) and bit the bullet! To add insult to injury came the comment by my oldest daughter

"Mom! You have always been so trim and fit—what is going on?” (my twinkies were showing and i was the only one who did not seem to notice!

I am glad my daughter administered a dose of Tough love to help me snap out of it and turn things around. I hated what I saw in the mirror but had no one to blame but myself and my out-of-control cravings! (I gave them an inch and they took a mile!)

My husband and I started with an ‘Elimination diet.” .... emoticon Disposing of everything seen in this picture and not bringing it home again! Instead we got back to the basics of eating healthy, in moderation, exercising, and watched the pounds began to disappear!

Farewell Twinkies and friends! We are forever done!

The Bonus is—In February I will celebrate nine years in Sparks! I was so happy when a friend invited me to join! Sparks has made the journey so much easier to get on track and stay there. Plus meeting so many people on the same trail—we are in great company!...the flame will never die, or the spark go out as long as spark people are here! And supporting friends like YOU!

.......:::: emoticon Thanks for reading and have a great day!... emoticon
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