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Day 92: A Splash into Chaos

Sunday, January 24, 2021

I had a small splash into chaos over the weekend. Fritzy came home and he was in a bit of a spiral since things with his dad aren't great, and needless to say we spiraled into a junk food binge. That was a bit of a tangled mess, but we sorted it out with some super spicy metabolism-raising nuts and hot sauce

Eating High Quality Foods: I'm back to eating high quality foods again and have a week till I get groceries again, so I am down to the last of the food. I'm not eating as well as I was since my options are more limited now, but I'm making the best choices possible.

Accurately Measure & Track Food: My measuring and tracking has completely gone out the window. I need to get fully back on track and just sort everything out again.

Drink at least 64 ounces of water: I have been drinking a lot of water but not tracking it. I just need to take more time for myself.

Non-Scale Victory: My biggest nonscale victory lately is getting back on track right away after a misstep and not ending up going off the rails for weeks or months. It's okay to make a mistake now and then as long as you don't let it totally derail you.

Fitness: I did a crazy hard workout on Friday and have been sore ever since. I took Saturday and today off for my muscles to recover.

Sleep: Sleep is mostly good. I'm having a harder time relaxing and going to bed so may have to think about limiting my coffee again and destressing and taking more me time.

Quit Progress: Trying to smoke less, but since I have more money these days, I end up buying more cigars.

General Health: General health is pretty good.

Weight Loss Progress/Swelling/Bloat: Super swelled and bloated right now and weight is way up. So working on getting back on track.

Meditation: Really need to get back on track with meditation too.

Feeling a lot better now that the crap food is getting out of my system and ready to start fresh.

Keep Sparking! emoticon
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