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The Eternal Pessimist

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Monday, January 25, 2021

"The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjust the sails." ~William A. Ward

Marge, a lifelong pessimist, gave a bad rap to amateur pessimists. From the moment she awoke, her worries began. Wondering if the coffee will be too strong—wonder if it is going to rain again, or worse snow? What if ….. what if…imagining the worst. Marge’s mind became her personal battleground.

When she goes shopping, she worries herself sick. She spots the security cameras and tries to dodge them. There is no basis for Marge’s unfounded fears. She has no rap sheet, no priors, never even got sent to the principal’s office when she was a kid, unlike many of her classmates. Never stole as much as a stick of gum, but she can’t shake the feeling surveillance is watching her every move!
“What if I get frisked?”

The worst thing she ever got busted for was a bad job of parking in a crowded parking lot at Christmas time. Seems she took two and a half spaces, and when she read the note full of expletives on her windshield, she burst into tears and fled the scene!

"I had better keep my hands where they can see them. Don't want anyone getting suspicious.” She sees a thief caught in the act of stealing, escorted by security--in leg irons as they are read their rights. The crowds gawk and Marge sighs heavily, "Whew---thank heavens it wasn’t me!"

She hears sirens in the neighborhood, and wonders if they are coming for her! She thinks up an alibi even before knowing if a crime was committed. At the sounds of an ambulance driving into her cul-de-sac, she checks her pulse and blood pressure to make sure she is ok! But just in case, she unlocks her bolted door, turns the porch light on and waves, ‘Yoo-hoo—Over here!”

I changed this and made it personal for myself. The less "I" respond to negativity, whether in thoughts or people, in and around me, the more peaceful my life will become. Negative thoughts come to all of us—But we do not have to tune in. Many are as unfounded as the fears and torments Marge lived with in her own mind.

Sometimes we have to keep a tight surveillance on our thoughts, to make sure they are peaceful and don't suck the life out of us.. I treat negative thoughts as cobwebs in the rafters and quickly brush them off!

Thanks for stopping by and I wish you a wonderful week! (free of cobwebs)

P.S. Writing is something I do, and this anecdote was taken from my collection—But never intending to make fun of anyone. Marge in the story is purely fictional. I could have taken some of my flaws—but would have been here all day! lol
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