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Day 11

Wednesday, January 27, 2021

I woke up and found I have lost 9.9 pounds in 11 days. Jenny is good for me. I feel more energized and my body has adjusted to 1200 calories. I am not tired anymore. Between snack and dinner I CAN'T wait until dinner. I have dinner at 4:30-4:45 now as Jenny has a bigger meal than lunch.

6 am Jenny Craig Recharge Bar (190 calories) (keeps you in ketosis, as it has a lot of fat)
8 am JC breakfast about 350 calories This is the biggest meal of the day and breaks the ketosis.
11 am JC lunch with veggies about 250-300,
2 pm JC snack about 70-120 calories
4:30 pm Jc dinner with veggies and dessert about 300

Then fast until the next morning.
All these meals are pizza, and mac and cheese, pastas, Chicken, cheese burgers, chicken sandwiches and packed with salt. But because the portion is so small the salt is within limits of your daily requirement. If you had a "normal sized " meal, the salt would be way over , like a restaurant. The food tastes like restaurant food because of the salt and flavor. It is just you have a 5-7 year old child portion. Seriously. I am eating more vegetables than I have ever eaten. And I am drinking tons of water for me. 10 glasses a day and walking more than ever.

Intermittent fasting is a serious tool you can use whether you are on Jenny or not. Just make sure you get all your fiber for the day and drink lots of water or your body will become constipated. I did IF before without Jenny and stopped because I didn't understand that one important fact, fiber and water.

Remembering Jahvion Thrift's family this morning as my kids went to school today.

Remembering my blessings and asking for God's protection and guidance. Learning to trust Him every day is difficult as I like to go my own way at times. Then I come crawling back and remember His way is better, Always. Have a good day, sparkers.

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