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There’s a Gator in The Basement!

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Thursday, February 11, 2021

"Otherwise, we would love for you to stay!" Helen had a problem of not being direct. She skirted the truth for fear of offending someone or worrying what they might think. So, she made things up. Take a listen.

She recognized the screechy voice. If only she had looked at caller ID and not answered!
“Guess what Helen? We are going to be in town for a week and Pritchard and I are going to finally get away to come stay with you and Ralph!”

“Well that would be wonderful Lois, but we are going to be out of town that week!” (lie)
“Oh did I forget to say which week Helen? I meant to say, ‘next month.’
“Next month? Oh—let me check our schedule. Seems things have been pretty hectic lately what with Ralph barely recovering from the whooping cough and that jungle rash that has spread over his entire body!”

“Oh now Helen! There you go thinking of others again! Isn’t that just like you! But don’t worry, cause we have already had just about every disease known to mankind—and I think we have built up an immunity! So then, how does your schedule look for say—the fourteenth until the end of the month?”

“I thought you said you would be staying for a week.”
“Well that is if the deal goes through! But you never know; it could take longer.
“Well Lois, I did not want to say. I mean it is embarrassing, but it seems last week the basement flooded, and when Little Ralphie went down there to try and fix a busted water pipe, he found two beady eyes staring up from beneath a foot of water!”

“Beady eyes in the basement? That sounds spooky!”
“Oh let me tell you Lois—My Big Ralph screamed bloody murder hi-tailed up the stairs like a scared little girl!”

“Oh that is awful Helen! What do you think it is?”
“Well it is hard to say but it has a long tail and does not come when we call.
“It’s not that we don’t want you and Pritchard to come Lois, but we are afraid there might be more. You know where this is one, there is bound to be two—or maybe a bunch of little tykes!”

“Gosh Lois—someone is at the door. Be right back.

"I would love to talk longer but looks like they will bust it down if I don't answer!"
Give our love to Pritchard and all the young'uns! Hope to see you soon!" (Lie)

See you later alligator!"
After while-crocodile!

......::::Of all the animals, man is the only one that lies." .... Mark Twain

Thanks for stopping by today!

P.S. Many years ago a couple (w/ their two babies) asked if they could come stay for a few days. He was laid off And going through hard times. They not only ate us out of house and home but we had to dip into our meager savings. We also had two babies and it was over the top stressful! The few days turned into a solid month! If only I had not answered the phone or just said no. (I was in my early 20's and inexperienced, but did I ever learn!)
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