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Sometimes We Have to Be Open for Change!

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Monday, February 15, 2021

The morning began as usual. My husband and I sat quietly drinking our coffee. Suddenly we heard a strange noise, and the power went out. It affected our entire block. It was not to come back on until 12:15 p.m. but we had no way of knowing.

When there was enough natural light, I opened the blinds in the study and rode my Aerodyne bicycle, then did stretch band exercises, hoping the power would come back on soon. By 9:00 we were both hungry and our two little budgies were waking up. My biggest concern was them. We could not let them sit in a cold-dark house, so I had an idea.

Something that was normally taboo. But we did not have much choice. We could not to a restaurant and walk in with two bird cages, so plan B meant visiting the drive through at good ‘ol McDonalds!

I put my big girl booties on while my husband warmed up his truck. He loaded our little ones into the back seat. (They both love their outings)

We had not been there in years. We ordered breakfast sands, though my husband only ate part of the English muffin. “Not me!” I said shamelessly. I pigged out and ate the whole thing lol. (It could have been worse though).

I was glad I exercised first thing, and the rest of the day I stayed on track. I did not blow it and go whole hog! We then took our little ones for a ride in the country and got home at the exact moment the power was restored!

Next morning, I forgot all about it, but out of habit weighed. To my surprise, I had lost half a pound! I then remembered McDonald's—Whaaat? I did not gain.

It was a good lesson—something that was done in a pinch but did not ruin us.
It proved that a lifestyle of eating moderately and healthy, plus exercise will allow for one unplanned event when push comes to shove.

Another bonus: I weighed on Saturday and I lost 2.4 pounds from the previous week! Yippee! Both hubby and I were as happy as a pair of pigs in sunshine!
I do not plan to visit McDonalds again, but it worked in a pinch.
Sometimes we have to be open for change even if temporary.
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