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adventure continues in Texas

Thursday, February 18, 2021

good morning - to add to the inconvenience - we have no water. I got on local news and found out that our city is having water problems due to broken water lines from the extreme weather. We got every container we have and filled it with water. No showers and we have to add a bucket of water to flush the toilet due to low water pressure. We are good. I have been storing gallons of water in the garage for a while. I have about 10 gallons. We also have rain barrels which are full. We still have power and heat. The food we are into freezer stuff and cans. emoticon Son came last night for food. DIL sent him out looking for food. Found nothing open so decided to come home for our food. We once again invited him and his family. DS said to me you know "his wife". They will not come b/c of his wife. We thawed out sausages, bacon to cook for him. made macaroni and cheese and scrambled eggs for my GD. They have no water - using fish tank water to flush toilets, no power or heat, and no food. We packed him up with a bottle of water, juice, sausages, bacon, fish, macaroni & cheese, some WW bread, candles, sparkling water, and hard-boiled eggs. We cooked it all and had it warm so he could take it home. We did what we could for them. Their apartment is in the '30s. I gave them a sleeping bag and quilts. He put up a tent in their master bedroom - have everyone in a tent. He says they are actually cozy. GD loves it. I have faith in my son who is an Army Vet and knows how to survive. DS sounds good. He was home for about 45 minutes while we cooked everything. It was like an assembly line. DH had all 4 burners going with cooking food. First, we had to thraw out stuff in the microwave. I had plastic takeaway containers from Christmas doggie bags. I got them out and started filling them up. They should have 2 days of food. Hopefully, the grocery stores open on Friday. it will be a mess. We might wait until Saturday - we need produce. I have my homemade soup. I learned to survive in crisis situations as a child. I grew up in upstate NY. I remember several times having no heat in the house - due to too much snow so the truck could not deliver fuel or my family not having enough money to pay for the fuel. I have rarely gotten upset in a crisis.
I just learned it does not do any good. DH is not doing well this morning - he stayed up too late and got up too early. His brain was in survival mode and planning. He is worried about my son's home in Killeen. they are supposed to getting ready for it to be sold. we think that they probably did not even keep the heat on. They need to go and check on that. I told DH to stop worrying about their house. They have much to handle now. what happened to their house happened already. As the world turns in my world. I am going to need a nap today. So far we have not gotten the sleet that was expected. School and many businesses are closed today. emoticonHave good day! I will.
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