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Must We Apologize for Everything?

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Thursday, February 18, 2021

Without realizing it, many people go through their whole lives as perpetual apologists. Like anything, there is a time and a place. And a time to zip it! ! (I prefer the latter if I can help it!) lol

If we have made someone feel bad or said naughty words without thinking. But is an apology necessary for everything under the sun?

“Forgive me for catching me in my bathrobe when I went out to get the newspaper."
“Sorry for showing up early, but I just hate to be late!”

I feel so bad. No—I feel terrible! Can we start over? I think it is probable we as females were engrained to apologize endlessly--thinking it goes hand in hand with being polite. In my wiser years, i am re-thinking things.

I actually witnessed something like this before. Uninvited company drops by packing their suitcases in. “Just happened to be in the neighborhood. We can stay for a week!” You welcome them and first thing out of your mouth is: “Sorry about the mess but we just got through shoveling up some….Oops, watch your step! Oh sorry! ...... “You’ll have to excuse our home because the dog got sick; a pot of beans exploded on the stove ...so don’t go in the kitchen or the bathroom either because we ran out of toilet paper, and the stores are out! I tell you! If it is not one thing, it’s another!”

“Now then, what can I get you? Coffee---tea, soda pop, chewing gum or squirt? Sorry we don’t have any ice cubes—I had to use the last of them in my speed Jello. Say! Are you hungry? Care for or a donut, a bologna sandwich, or some day-old tuna? ...I would offer you some crumb cake, but Barfy jumped on the table and ate it— ‘cept for some crumbs! … Sorry we don’t have more to offer you—but Ralph doesn’t get paid until next week, and we’re hoping we get the car fixed so we can make it to town.... Meanwhile, make yourself right at home and sit over…. Oh wait! No don’t sit there! I left my knitting needles there …. Sit over here! Let me clear that stack of stuff first! And please ignore Fuzzy, it seems he got another furball caught in his throat. I tell ya! When does it ever end!

But wait! Before we sound like a broken record making apology after apology think about who dropped in without an invitation or calling first?

Should we explain ourselves and apologize if our house does not look like Home and Garden? Is this like a pie eating contest where we will be judged and hope to get a blue ribbon? Do we really need the approval of someone who left their manners at home and came without calling? Or have apologies become a part of our vocabulary? (not meaning you—per se’ … this is something I had to correct earlier in life before I got so smart—LOL.

Thanks for stopping by! And can anyone else relate?

Now to top it off---Never was crazy about this whiny song-where she said apologized profusely but then called herself a 'fool.' - (Sorry the link is so long)..lol

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