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My Childhood Lessons Still Apply!

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Monday, February 22, 2021

I had some wonderful opportunities growing up that became a learning experience for life. Our family lived down the street from an olympic size pool where swimmers and divers came from all over to practice and try out for the Olympics. In summer my brothers and I rode our bikes and stayed most of the day.

We took swim lessons when we were big enough to walk. Our folks threw us in, and we took to the water like fish! It was our second home every summer. We dove from the boards and my younger brother, (a year younger) and I were always competing with each other, in a ‘playful ‘way. It seemed we were a catalyst to each other.

As we progressed, we decided it was time to dive from the high dive—(ten feet down). Both of us mastered diving off a low platform, doing back dives, front flips, and back flips. We practiced everything until we got the art down to land gracefully. Learning and accomplishing was such an exhilarating experience!

I stood at the edge and looked down. I ran a few thoughts through my mind. Be sure to hit at a slight angle so you don’t go headfirst---which would be like hitting concrete! This was essential as I had seen others go headfirst (not good) and others who belly flopped. The sound and pain was gruesome!

I took a deep breath and let go. When I did, something happened! I sliced through the cold water, with my arms outstretched exactly right. It was the most exhilarating feeling ever!

Our love of water took us to Shasta Lake--above the dam (Redding, California) where we swam, boated, and water skied. We had a blast and whilst surrounded by beauty.
Now for another challenge later in life:
Learning and doing something new –again in uncharted waters. Just like I did as a kid, I was staring into the deep and pondering my next move.

I reminded myself, ‘look at all your achievements. You blazed the trail and found the path that led to the end result! So, on a writer’s group—a writer asked, “How important is it if I start writing a book to finish?” My antennae went straight up! Since he asked, I gave him a dose of ‘tough love.’ “You started it—you need to finish it!”

Back to my diving into cold waters. I mentioned recently a second book of mine was published in January. But an author can’t just write (as much as I love to) there is the marketing/business component. It was no cake walk—believe me. It was like staring into cold waters and knowing I had to dive in. (not sure, but I think I saw sharks too—lol) There was no turning back.

I looked at my accomplishments, and how far I had come.
The first several days, I felt like my brain was cracking---lol. But then, as I stayed with it, the light began to come on. I was even helping others who were struggling too. Now to dive into the really cold and deep waters—to start a new adventure-the wide world of freelance writing. Once I make the plunge, I think it will be fun and open new doors!

I keep learning something new every day and meeting new people with like interests. Growth and change is nothing to fear—But diving in breaks the apprehension.

I have not forgotten about making my first plunge into the cold and deep waters! Little did I know it became my springboard for life.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great week!..... emoticon
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