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Driving my grandma to the drug store

Monday, February 22, 2021

After I got my drivers license I was really eager to do errands for anybody.

My grandmother lived with us and she would ask me to drive her to the local drug store so she could by Bun bars and Fannie May candy. No biggie, right? Except she would eat the whole box of candy in two days.

I still remember how happy she was to get the candy and how angry she was with herself for eating it.

She wasn't heavy but she wasn't thin, and I think she had a really bad diet because she wouldn't eat much regular food on those days,

She also had me drive her to the car wash and other errands and we always got a treat when we were out.

My mother would do Jack LaLane every morning in her black leotards and smoke and drink coffee all day. She wouldn't eat until dinner time and then have very small portions. She never weighted more than 130 pounds and was tiny. After smoking was deemed bad she just drank coffee. When caffiene was bad for you she took up walking 3-5 miles per day.

My aunt was about 300 pounds when she was in high school and when in her early twenties she lost it all and took up running and a severely restricted diet. She wouldn't eat some days at all and she ran for miles. I remember her running over 8 miles a day and working out.

In retrospect I really think the women in my family had eating disorders.

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