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Can't Let February Go Without Saying Goodbye

Sunday, February 28, 2021

LOL - but I'll be glad to say goodbye. I think. Certainly good bye to cold. Particularly February cold in the south, which isn't very pretty. It's muddy. There are no thick blankets of snow to hide the mud or if there is, it will bring down tree limbs that knocks out power. So yeah. No need to linger, February.

Of course, this year February brought me a little grandson with golden eyelashes and a reddish brown fuzz on top of his head. Hmmm. seems to me I remember a baby sister looking like that. So I wouldn't have missed February, not for a kingdom. I will just say "thanks" and "see ya next year".

And even then, I can hear my mother saying, "Don't wish your life away."

February also brought me a renewed interest in managing my diet - with a commitment to Zero Snacking. Last summer I tried an experiment, while on a long road trip, of not snacking in the car AT ALL, which left me feeling much less bloated. The memory of that prompted this new experiment with zero snacks. You see, meal time here in the Haile House is an intensely social experience. We LOVE to eat. We love good tasting food. I like to cook and DH is vocally appreciative of any efforts at all. Dining is a little lover's dance we do, especially at breakfast and dinner. So I am always going to eat those two meals - even if I am not hungry. The trouble with snacking is that IF I snack, I really won't be hungry at meal time. But, as I said, I will eat that next meal. On the flip side - if I'm really hungry at that next meal - it'll taste even better! Yes. I may eat seconds, though I have found I don't do that often. But if I've snacked, it'll FEEL like I ate seconds or thirds.

The calorie count may be the same but the eating when I'm not hungry just leaves me feeling bad - sometimes even slightly sick. As if there was a nutritional revolt going on inside my body. February gave me the prompt to try whole month of zero snacking and I have to admit, I'm feeling pretty good these days. Yes. Sometimes I'm mighty hungry around 4 o'clock but I can wait - and I know I'll be glad I did and besides - when I feel that hunger I drink a big glass of water and things inside calm down at the same time my body gets that all-over flushed feeling of being hydrated - like garden plants probably feel when it finally rains on a July afternoon. Ahhhhhh.

So - in spite of some bleak landscape, February has been a pretty fun month - and next February I will have birthday cake with a one year old. Doesn't that sound like fun?

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