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Saturday, September 08, 2007

Yes, I have been slacking. I get down to 186, where I have not been since I was 25 (um, I am 43) and what do I do? I act like this is the end. I am still tracking my food and I don't like the numbers I am seeing. I am trying not to be too hard on myself because I know that won't get me anywhere but... Everyday I start in the right place but by the end I have passed my limit. And since I am on a roll here, I am not moving as much as I should be either. I am scared of going back up, I don't ever want to be there again. So what is my problem?

Thanks for listening (reading) this venting session of mine.
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    I feel as though I am getting back on track. On Jan 1st, my partner & I quit smoking so I attribute some of the weight gain to that. As of this morning, I weigh in at 194. I am scared to death that I'll let it creep back up to 200. Delete that. I am not going to let it creep back up!

    How are you doing as of late?
    4532 days ago
    So how's it going now?
    I slacked a few years ago too; I got down to 208 and let myself blossom back to 235.
    4532 days ago
    You articulated something that we all go through. I swear that my weight ticker is the slowest to descend on this whole website!!! But, just when I start getting worked up, I remind myself that I am not bouncing around for the first time in my life--a significant accomplishment. Yes, it is time to pay closer attention to the nutrition tracker and bid some pounds adieu, but let's not beat ourselves up.

    Losing weight slowly is not a bad thing. My family legacy is rapid, deprivation dieting, followed by rapid regain because of compulsive eating. On SP, we are learning to maintain along the way, so when we reach our goals, it will be for life!
    4767 days ago
  • ARROW37
    When I read your blog I thought the same thing...you've hit a mark and everyone is so excited for you, but where do you go from here. You can do it, you can keep going and get to the goal you want for yourself! :) I'm glad to be on your team and see your success. Keep up the good work! You CAN do it! You CAN do it! You CAN do it!
    4770 days ago
    Thank you very much Margo. I did figure out something with Presence's help. You have all this positive attention from getting down to a weight no one has seen you at in over 15 years and it goes to your head. I mean yes it is an accomplishment but what about the personal finish line. That goal we have all set for ourselves. Do we just settle? Hell no because give it a few months and you will be beating yourself up again for not finishing what you started. And for me, I think I have already started. I'm not overeating but I am not eating to lose either. I will get back on it, if I don't I think I will start to get cranky with myself.
    4771 days ago
  • MARGO1966
    Hey there. I'm 40 - 41 next week - and haven't seen anything starting with a '1' on the scale since my early 20s, although that is my goal in the next 6 months. I can imagine how pleased you must have been to reach 186 again! So why do we sabotage ourselves? And why do we keep doing it, even when we KNOW that's what we're doing? *exasperated sigh*

    Have you tried journalling about this past few weeks? I don't do it on a regular basis, but I find when I let myself just sit down and 'ramble' on paper, by the time I hit 3-4 pages some truths usually start to emerge -- even if I don't want to face them yet. Another idea is to give yourself hourly goals for one day - not all related to food or exercise, just tasks, etc. Sometimes cultivating renewed discipline in one area will kick-start another. Just a couple of suggestions for you. I hope things get better for you soon! Hang in there - YOU ARE WORTH IT!
    4771 days ago
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