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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Wow did I have a bad day today. And only two days before my next weigh-in! And the worst part? I was totally conscious of what I was doing! This morning I had pancakes and bacon, okay, not so bad if you control yourself, right? I DON'T EVEN WANT TO TALK ABOUT HOW MUCH STUPID BACON I ATE! And it's true what they say.... When you're done, clear the table. I had an old friend over to join us for breakfast today, and as we sat there chatting after our meal, I kept nibbling.... and nibbling, and nibbling, and- well, you know what I mean.

So anyway, feeling guilty for my horrible display of gluttony at breakfast, I had a grilled chicken caesar salad for lunch that I got through the McDonald's drive-thru on the way to my daughter's soccer game.

Then, at dinner, we had pork chops, which I was going to bread and fry, but I baked them instead (Yay, me!) and I was feeling okay about my day. Then those darned parsley potatoes got me. It's all about portion control for me; I can see that now. But I just love food! It's a sin!

So, feeling so crappy about blowing my dinner as well, I polished it off with a cup and a half of chocolate, peanut butter, caramel swirl ice cream, telling myself that since it wasn't my normal 6-scoop sundae, it was okay!

Why do I always blow it on the weekends??!!!!! I am so weak, and I hate myself! I was actually looking forward to weighing myself on Tuesday, and now I'm afraid to. If that thing doesn't budge you can pretty much say I shot my whole week right to H - E - double hockey sticks in a matter of 12 hours! I will have to do sooooo well tomorrow that I'll probably starve myself to try to make up for it.

Well, I'm going to bed now (NOT normal for me before 10:00) so I don't screw up even worse and have a late night snack! PLEASE tell me I'm not the only person who has days like these!!!!
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    Glad to see ya back. Don't be so hard on yourself. Record everything no matter how bad it was. Take baby steps. Choose that hardest obstacle and work on that one first. If it's portion control, focus on that only. Don't wory about what it is just the portion. Move away from the table when your done. Cook only what is needed for each portion. When it's gone it's gone. We cannot conquer our bad habits without making new ones to replace them and those habits won't change overnight. After tackling the big ones, the little ones are a breeze. Be positive and tell your self you will have a good day. We have too many temptations in our daily hectic schedule, we need to train ourselves to think differently. Never give in to thoughts of failure. Everyday is a new beginning in this journey, it's the direction that makes the difference. I hit 200 this week and finally, two big rewards. Full one hour message and quit date 10/13/07. I know you don't want to hear it, but I know you can do it. You want it you gotta work for it. It does get easier as the skinny you inside starts showing it's confidence. Keep focusing on the greatest reward. Every ride in Disney World -in shorts and sleeveless shirt. WOOOHOOO!
    Love Ya,
    Aunt T
    4955 days ago
  • TISH1965
    Ok, so everyone messes up. You are entitled to enjoy the food God gave us to enjoy. Yeah, you ate a little more then you should have, but the great thing is you realized it, and took the control back from the food and you should be darn proud of yourself for that. I know I am proud of you. Once we realize that food is our friend..(lol) and not our enemy LOL.... We can live in harmony...YEAH RIGHT... Food is the enemy !!! No just kidding.. I am very proud of you and thank you for giving me the strength and the gumption to get back on SP and start recording my food intake. You are my INSPIRATION....
    Let me remind you of this:
    BLUE-- The value of balance, harmony and a life free from tension; security, loyalty and a sense of belonging; Depth in feeling, a realxed sensitivity, awareness and empathy.

    Call me anytime, anywhere if you need some support... I will call you.

    4956 days ago
    It is okay we all have those days. Just move on and today is a new day.
    4961 days ago
    Hey, don't beat yourself up. We all stumble at this, but use it and learn from it. Now, for next weekend try this....by thursday plan out your meals to have over the weekend...have it stocked and ready to go....and then read back on your post you made today and let it remind you of how you felt after overdoing it this past weekend...and be determined to do better next weekend. You work too hard at eating right during the week to blow it on the weekend and not see those well-deserved results on weigh in day! :o) Also, next time you are at a table full of food and you already ate your portion....get a big glass of water and hold it in your hand....when you think about going for a pc of bacon....just take a drink of water instead....it really does help! You're doing great...keep it up!!!
    4966 days ago
    I usually let myself have a free day during the weekend. It keeps me from going insane. Portion control is also my problem. But I really do think you get used to smaller portions after awhile.
    4966 days ago
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