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Me and the Scale

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

So today I get this in my Spark email and I just love it because I have been struggling just a tad with the whole scale, and this is also why my Spark Page is called As the Scale Turns. I'm in my 2 weeks of "no weightloss" that my body does to me - 2 weeks on, 2 weeks off. I've been really good eating wise, staying in my range, working out like I'm supposed to, and yet the scale hasn't moved! Very frustrating to say the least. BUT - at the same time - today I was able to wear my size 4 pants from last year and not look awful in them like I did 2 months ago! I also need to remember that I've seriously upped my strength training so could possibly be losing inches and keeping the weight because I've gained muscle. Yeah - my waist is finally 29 - need to measure my upper hips and track those! You know - below the belly button - which is the part on me that I hate!

Anyway - here's what Coach Dean has in his article and boy is this true!

In the best of all possible worlds, this business of picking a good weight loss goal wouldn’t be a problem. In fact, bathroom scales wouldn’t even exist. If you think about it, what does the number on your scale really have to do with any of the reasons you want to lose weight? Whether you want to look a certain way, be more attractive or popular, manage or avoid health problems, get back into all those smaller clothes you’ve got in your closet, improve your athletic performance, recapture the glories of your youth, or simply feel a little more comfortable in your own body, the number on the scale is not what determines your success or failure. There are much better ways than scale-watching to assess your progress along the way.
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    SlimFast - you are absolutely correct - it is 2 weeks off and then 2 weeks of nothing :)!!! But I was always like that - even when I had the most to lose. I had to track it on a spreadsheet to finally see the pattern. I am such a geek!
    4833 days ago
    Sounds like you lose as I lose.."2 weeks on and 2 weeks off". Well, actually, as I said that out loud, maybe that`s not quite right, in my case. I`m more the 2 week, yes the scale moves down..then 2 weeks, the scale just sits there at the same number! Yep, THAT`S how I lose! Ha! I think it has a lot to do with the fact we are both real close to our goal weights..that the scale gets kinda stubborn. It`s great you got back into your size 4`s! Good for you!! SFJ :)
    4833 days ago
    Hey there, I actually just subscribed to your blog because you have been so supportive on mine! I agree about the scale to a point - but it is VERY reflective of how I'm doing so it is a good quantitative measurement. You wrote to me about eating 1,600 calories per day and exercising a lot. I actually was doing that for a few weeks and feeling really great, but not losing weight after the initial water weight. I think I could have lost weight really slowly that way, but right now I'm a little impatient...I have a beach vacation coming up!! Also, for those days where you eat a lot, how do you track it all?? I usually just don't track at all when I've eaten that much. How can you be sure you're accurate, or even close??
    4833 days ago
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