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Saturday, January 26, 2008

UGH! I am STARVING the past few days!! I can't seem to get enough to eat at all! I know I have plenty going in... But this stinks. I don't know if it is from the Graves' or what but if my metabolism is going so fast from that I should be losing weight too... And I am not. I think I will have to check in with my doctors and see whats up. I want something HOT and FILLING! :(
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    I know the feeling!

    II have a really excellent book that I would recommend to you called SUPERFOODS RX by Stephen Pratt. Here's the amazon.com link:


    The basic premise is that there are 14 foods that are nutritionally better for us and more important for us than all other foods, and if you try to eat these every day (even in addition to other foods you eat), you'll be healthier and lose weight. It might be something you're interested in if you have cravings.

    Unfortunately, I live somewhere so remote now that I can't get most of the foods (and b/c I'm vegetarian, I only eat 12 of the 14 anyway), but I was SO THIN when I made little Super 12 chart on my fridge, checking off what I had eaten each day from the list. Basically, I was eating so much trying to get all of these healthy foods in me (and nothing gross is on the list either), I was too full for the pint of Ben & Jerry's. Basically, by following the list I changed my eating habits and eventually my body stopped craving all the crap. Also, it's not a diet or even an eating plan - it's just a list of good foods to add to whatever diet you're on to help you be really healthy, and for me, it curbed cravings, too.

    II can't wait to live in the US again and have access to all of those yummy and healthy foods. I think I'll have no problems if I could do that!
    4445 days ago
    That happens to me when I am pmsing and it sux. Are you doing low carb? I am and I rarely feel hungry! I feel great, but I used to NEVER eat carbs!

    You can do it girlie, I KNOW you can!
    4447 days ago
  • _BECA_
    Hi Emily,

    I was reading some of the new blogs I came across yours. I notice that your calorie goal range is between 1200-1400, I am close to your weight(217) and I try to eat between 1500-1800 daily mainly consisting of healthy choices , I also exercise 4-5 times a week walking 4-6 miles each time.
    I know when I first started my new lifestyle I was ALWAYS hungry I think it is your body's way of adjusting. I would like to recommend that you try to bumping up your calorie intake eating frequently many small meals example: breakfast =oatmeal single pack ,coffee or tea, hour later snack=sting cheese & 12 almonds,next snack=pear,apple or orange, lunch =turkey sandwich with a slice cheese or large garden salad or progresso soup 98% fat freeand 6 saltine crackers,before dinner snack= special k bar,dinner=chicken breast,one cup rice and veggies your choice, night snack=smart pop popcorn 5 cups and hot tea. I guarantee that if you eat constantly foods that are healthy and high in fiber your hungry will not spike out of control . I have done this for a little over two months now and have mange to lose a total of twenty three pounds as of Oct 31,2007.
    I hope this will give you the push you need. I wish you the very best on this weight loss journey. God Bless ;)

    4450 days ago
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