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My most depressing month

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

It's a new month and for some reason my feelings of lonliness is getting worse this year even though I'm in a happy relationship. I don't know what it is that is making me feel down, I had two good friends but one just stopped talking to me, I t was a very long story believe me ,( but i guess she chose her boyfirend over our friendship, I was there for her hard times and stood beside her she asked for advice, i gave it and she is gone. A few weeks later i read in a fortune cookie, " Advice when most needed is the one less followed" something close to that. I'm glad I'm meeting new ppl and making friends, but i wonder if I'm still hurt and this is what's causing this cloud of sorrow. I wan to do this and be happy. My boyfriend says to forget about her, but i guess it's hard. I need advice, to get througth the next two month challenge. help
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  • ANNLADY8383
    I have been married to a wonderful man who has never ever put me down in anyway (for about three years now) and no matter how many compliments he gave me I still began to slip further into the depression mode. Mostly telling myself I didn't deserve him. It took me a few hospitalizations before I was put on a medication that helped stabilize my moods.

    I only wrote this because it wasn't until my depression was gone that I really started appreciating what I have. I am one who is all for medications. I am not taking an anti-depressant (I have tried those in the past and they just caused me to lean toward the opposite way of deppresion a little too much) I am actually taking an anti-psychotic (not because I am psychotic but because they found out I am bi-polar) I guess my advice is to talk with a doctor, get blood tests done and talk about the possibility of a medication. You might be amazed!

    The problem you are presenting is something that would make anybody depressed but you sound like you were depressed before this and about more than this and the word depression is a powerful word.

    I hope things look up for you!
    4777 days ago
    your a beautiful girl hold on to the people that love you and even if it hurst let everybody else go life is short
    4784 days ago
    Hey don't get down about yourself, you're a really nice person. Thanks for the advice on my friend, she's being really weird. Army friends come and go, especially because normally I'm a very reserved person, I'm not going to spill my guts then hear about it from someone else.
    We're both lucky in having our men with us. When things like this happen to me I try to remember that my life is long and that many people will touch and be touched by me. Try not to let the slimers get you down!
    Thanks for being so friendly.. :)
    4785 days ago
    i had something very similar happen, long story as well, she didnt pic a bf over me, she seemed to just dump me, i knew things tha twere going on and being said that she to this day doesnt have a clue that i know. its hard and then theres times its easy, i guess easy for me because i found out from very reliable sources stuff she was saying nad doing and i had a peek at it myself so i got so angered up by it that i was like im thru with this, when before tha ti just kept reaching and reaching out trying to be there for her after being friends with her from kindergarten to about over a year ago. so yeah tough stuff to deal with, now when we talk, its like we barely know each other....i think to myself i shouldnt even talk to her with the things i know but when uve been friends with people for so long its hard at times to just forget everything. im sure in time things will be ok for you and just realize shes the one throwing thigns away not you, you didnt do anything and as crazy as it sounds trust me i never thought id make new friends i did, and very recently made 2 more new friends so i know in time things will be ok for u. by the way i understand u want to lose weight and im not saying u dont need to for healthy reasons, but looks wise u look great so dont feeel bad about ur looks cause you have a voulouptrous b ody that u should rock proudly!
    4786 days ago
    Sorry that you feel sad and lonely - winter can feel like that - somehow we function a little different during short dark winter months. Things will be Ok - you will sort out things with friends:):) Do not jum to conclusions and be hard on yourself or your friends. Focus on your goals! I am sure you will find a way:)
    I have my own winter blues and i know it will pass:)
    4787 days ago
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