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Holy cow!!!
Saturday, January 26, 2013      4 comments

Got up this morning at 7am and the weather was gorgeous.....misty & cloudy but not too cold. I woke hubby up and said "let's go for a walk". We took a new route which meant more elevation and we walked 2 hours and 10 minutes, covering 7.25 mil... Read more
Definitely NOT an exact science...
Thursday, January 24, 2013      4 comments

So I posted earlier that I had tracked and walked for 2 weeks with no change. Then I had 4 days where I didn't track - or walk - and I'm sure I ate horribly those days and still no change. Now, 2 days back on the program of tracking and wa... Read more
Just Bought a FitBit
Wednesday, January 23, 2013      1 comments

It may be a waste of money....or it may help me focus on getting more activity into my day. Since it can be synced with SP and with RunKeeper (a GPS way of tracking my walking distances), I thought I might find it useful. Actually, it'll likel... Read more
Tuesday, January 22, 2013      2 comments

Logged food and walked for 2 weeks straight.....no change on the scale. Didn't log, ate like crap, didn't walk for 4 days......no change on the scale. WTH?! I'm back to logging and walking because I know it's the right thing to do bu... Read more
Another 4.75 miles yesterday
Wednesday, January 16, 2013      2 comments

Yesterday, I got home from work and hubby was already dressed in walking gear! SWEET!! The night before, he was dressed in pajamas and making dinner. Granted, I appreciated him making dinner, but he sent a clear message that there would be no... Read more
5 Miles!!
Saturday, January 12, 2013      3 comments

emoticon ... Read more
Last night's family walk
Thursday, January 10, 2013      0 comments

Hubby and I enjoy our walks ---- without kids ---- it's part of our bonding time. Last night I invited the younger boys to walk with us. Part of me felt kind of let down because the kids are imposing on our alone time. But the mom in me said ... Read more
20 miles/week
Tuesday, January 08, 2013      0 comments

I committed to walking 20 miles/week and then soon after, came down with a cold that lasted 2 weeks. So, cold and holidays over, hubby and I walked again last night....4.6 miles. That's a great start to 20 for this week. My middle child (9 ye... Read more
Wednesday, December 12, 2012      2 comments

I did **not** want to go on my walk yesterday evening, but I thought that might be a problem when I sat down to study last night. So, I dressed prior to sitting down. All I had to do was put my shoes on and walk out the door. It worked, we wa... Read more
Back on track --- again
Tuesday, December 11, 2012      2 comments

I've got to stop this on-again, off-again cycle and just stay on. I just added tracking mileage to my goals and not sure I could do the 25 miles per week that it defaults to but I do think 20 is doable. Then, I thought, over a year's tim... Read more
Monday, August 22, 2011      0 comments

Fridays are my official weigh-in days but I typically jump on the scale every weekday just out of curiosity. Last Friday I was a bit disappointed when I had only lost 0.6 lbs in a week. Then I reminded myself I lost 1.8 the week before. ... Read more
3-year old wants to go to school
Friday, August 19, 2011      0 comments

My 3 year old came home from preschool with a 102.6 fever yesterday. Still had a fever last night so it was clear I was staying home with him today. My oldest had an orientation at the middle school so we still had to get dressed to go. I... Read more
It's important to EARN things in life
Wednesday, August 17, 2011      0 comments

Several things have happened in the last few days that all have the same underlying theme...... That theme is the importance of EARNING through hard work. I've had conversations with people about manners recently. How people are ruder tod... Read more
Balanced day afterall
Tuesday, August 16, 2011      3 comments

Started out with a protein bar for breakfast. Splurged on Thai food for lunch. That meal used up the majority of today's calorie allowance but I rounded the day off with a fresh salad topped with grilled Mahi Mahi & a light helping of dressin... Read more
Feel and look fabulous. =)
Monday, August 08, 2011      2 comments

Ended up sick Friday and Saturday. Only ate 670 calories Friday - gave some back. yech! Saturday still not fully recovered. Ate about 930 calories. Sunday ate just shy of 1200 calories. Felt much better. My skinny jeans now fit agai... Read more

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