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September to the end of december
Thursday, September 05, 2019      9 comments

I'm trying to find a challenge or a team for some kind of bootcamp - last stretch of 2019, i can't seem to find any?! Do you know one? I know it's super cliché to set goals for the new year.. it's not exactly what i'm doing since i'm gonna ... Read more
Friday night update
Friday, August 16, 2019      4 comments

I started going out for walks, not every nights but often! I also wasn't super tempted to eat chips and junkfood lately, I came to the realization that nothing will change if i don't stop the harful behaviors. So there's that! :) I sure am... Read more
Wednesday, July 31, 2019      6 comments

Is my biggest issue. I can barely beat myself for it, I've dealt with lots of sh*t in the past couple years / in my life. Right now I really see it though. I want to give bursts of efforts but I cannot make it last, while low efforts on a daily ... Read more
workout at home
Saturday, July 13, 2019      6 comments

I worked out at home today.. man! it was sweaty and intense, it’s been so long and i’m proud of myself even though i’m still a little shaky :) When you come from as far as i am, it’s like a miracle. I couldn’t believe it.. and it’s free! I’ll tr... Read more
5K your way
Thursday, July 11, 2019      2 comments

I enrolled in this challenge! I tried to do C25K before and i understand it’s similar but maybe more appropriated to my actual fitness, plus maybe i’ll connect with people on SP who are also doing it as the C25K group isn’t very active at all, h... Read more
Wednesday, July 10, 2019      4 comments

Quick update to say that i am proud of myself for going to derby practice tonight! Didn’t think i’d go! So, yay :)... Read more
laziness VS fatigue
Tuesday, July 09, 2019      3 comments

You know what they say.. listen to yourself, listen to your body it’ll tell you what it needs! Well, if you’re anything like me, sometimes the body is confused too. Tonight i debated for a long while wether i should be going on a walk or st... Read more
thank you :)
Monday, July 08, 2019      2 comments

Thank you so much everybody for your kind words! I wish we had the option to “like” comments on the blog posts.. Maybe one day, SP? ;) I will try to take small steps and let myself time to create new habits.. though i will admit that i feel... Read more
some news
Sunday, July 07, 2019      5 comments

Every time i come back here, it's because i feel lost. Trying to make sense, to find a reason to finally do this. With all the other social media outlets, it's hard to keep up, especially when my health / physical activities were pretty much out... Read more
To a new week!
Sunday, March 24, 2019      3 comments

Quick update for the sake of it. Emotions are a roller coaster. I get high and low, ad nauseam. I suppose we all do to a degree.. it's tiring. I'm still proud i haven't fell in chips or overeating. I will try this week to spend a little mor... Read more
wednesday march 6th
Wednesday, March 06, 2019      2 comments

Today i went to the store to buy a couple tshirts, leggins, shorts for the gym. I had a moment of total desperation when i saw myself in the mirror as i was trying on a sports bra. Wow, my body. I thought, "is it still worth that i put efforts i... Read more
New friends
Tuesday, March 05, 2019      4 comments

Hello to the people I randomly added as a friend today! You were the most active and inspiring to me atm from the seemingly defunct Post Punk Kitchen group. I wish we could revive this 800 members group, but i’ll be happy to notice and support y... Read more
more blabla
Sunday, March 03, 2019      3 comments

I still kind of want to blog. hahah :) I logged my food today, i haven't done it in years. It feels good to see the macros and see where there's place for improvement. I'll try to stick to it. I am not a youngster anymore, i guess, bu... Read more
Good day, Gym!
Sunday, March 03, 2019      2 comments

I didn't think i would go buuuutt I WENT TO THE GYM! Strength work and a bit of cardio as well :) I'm proud of myself because this morning, i was pretty convinced that it wasn't going to happen for me this weekend. But i went and i sweat and it ... Read more
March 3rd, Sunday
Sunday, March 03, 2019      2 comments

I enrolled in the 21 days challenge for new comers to SP. It had me look up the date i created my account.. in the summer of 2006! Wow. I did lose a good 40 pounds using SP, i didn't know a single thing about nutrition, how to feed myself or wha... Read more

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