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Wednesday, September 17, 2008      0 comments

I am not a big fan of roller coasters.... and yet that is how I am feeling these days.... I am up one day, down the next.... I can't seem to find a level playing field. Sunday, remnants of Hurricane Ike came through Ohio... My power was o... Read more
Back in the Saddle!
Thursday, September 11, 2008      0 comments

Yes, one day I whine, and the next day I come back singin'! I woke up, ate breakfast, and got right to work on the workout... got 3.5 miles running done and felt so good after! I think I just really needed some down time. But it feels... Read more
Thursday, September 11, 2008      0 comments

Not a banner week.... I finally crashed into my wall... I just felt so stressed out and overwhelmed by current events that I just curled up in a ball for two days. Managed to eat halfway decent. Failed to exercise at all. But I just coul... Read more
Feeling GOOD!
Saturday, September 06, 2008      0 comments

So, I missed my #2 goal - hoped to be at 180.2 by the end of August... BUT - I did cross over the 40lbs lost mark, which is very exciting. And reflecting on this year, I must say I am very proud of myself. While I may go over on calorie... Read more
Dog Food!
Sunday, August 17, 2008      1 comments

So once a month, I donate puppy food to the local animal shelter. 2 35lb bags.... As I was loading up to run over there I realized something. These bags are heavy! But more importantly, these bags each represent the amount of weight I have lo... Read more
Renewed energy
Friday, August 15, 2008      1 comments

So I was whiny the other day. And now I am not. The scale is nudging slowly downward again. My endurance is increasing. My running speed is increasing. My energy is increasing. And goal #2 is 5.7lbs away. And I am going to get there. By ... Read more
Which one is it?
Tuesday, August 12, 2008      0 comments

1) Ugh... 7 lbs to goal number 2... I am making such slow progress... -OR- 2) Yay! 7 lbs to goal number 2... I am more than halfway there! It may be slow, but it is still progress! Sometimes your state of mind can really shape... Read more
Not anymore!
Thursday, August 07, 2008      0 comments

Headline on MSN.com homepage.... "Shop Plus-Size Fashions" Well, not me.... not anymore! Never again! I finally get into size 16's again. (Some better than others, manufacturing inconsistencies being what they are...) And I am only ... Read more
Whaddaya know?!?
Sunday, May 25, 2008      0 comments

So I made goal #1! Lost my first 10% of weight. The funny thing is, I weigh 15 pounds more now than I did 2 years ago. But my clothes (yes, same ones) fit way better now than they did then! Back then, all I was doing was walking. Now, I am... Read more
Harder than I thought...
Thursday, May 08, 2008      0 comments

I have been wallowing a bit after the loss of my ex. It has hit me much harder than I had ever thought possible. I started seeing a therapist, which opened up new levels of the emotions I was feeling about that - which landed me in the bottom ... Read more
I lost my best friend...
Monday, April 21, 2008      2 comments

Saturday night, my best friend passed away. I was with him. I knew he wasn't well, but he wouldn't let me take him back to the hospital. He had just come out of 32 days in the hospital, and had no interest in being poked and prodded any more.... Read more
Breathe Deep...
Sunday, April 13, 2008      0 comments

... and relax. This is what I am learning to do a lot of. Breathe Deep. Relax. Begin... Again. Life is still in a bit of turmoil. I am still not going up or down the scale. But I got into a pair of jeans that I could not get into ... Read more
Friday, April 11, 2008      1 comments

So, not much progress... none in fact.... Although there is no gain, which is something short of amazing. And I am nudging down a little. But my exercise plan is so hit and miss, and my eating gets tracked most days, but some days I just ... Read more
Slow and Not so steady...
Friday, March 28, 2008      0 comments

I have been really bad this month. I have fallen prey to all my worst habits. My personal life is a bit of a shambles, my ex has been hospitalized for over two weeks, I have let all of this get to me. Depression leads to too much alcohol, le... Read more
Saturday, January 26, 2008      1 comments

... and I just read an article about this today! Since the first week of January I have been serious about this. We have been counting, logging, and agonizing over calories. He is down ~7 lbs. I had lost nothing..... until finally, this ... Read more

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