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Day 94 Surprised myself today
Saturday, April 05, 2014      6 comments

So, my husband had to get up super early to go to work and he asked me if I'd like to get out of bed with the kids and have breakfast. He loves to reward me each weekend after working hard on my diet (I only cheat one meal though). I actually sa... Read more
Day 93 Friday weigh in
Friday, April 04, 2014      5 comments

Ugh..Here we go, I'm starting to hate the scale. Worked really hard and only lost 1.8 this week but at least I made it to the 150's no more 160's! So, happy about that but mad the scale won't go down faster. The weight loss is really slowing... Read more
Day 86 Friday weigh in, monthly progress photo, month 4 is coming!
Friday, March 28, 2014      8 comments

So since March is ending pretty soon I'm doing my monthly progress photo and stats today. I can't believe 3 months have already gone by and I'm starting month 4 already! Thank you for all the support Spark people. The motivation all of you give ... Read more
Migraine is gone but guess what? :D
Tuesday, March 25, 2014      3 comments

lol so yesterday was the worst migraine ever, lasted 4 hours. I forced myself to go for a slow walk...which was a mistake. It was one of those pounding ones that make you nauseous if any of you can relate. maybe not, I get them really bad becaus... Read more
pushing myself today
Monday, March 24, 2014      6 comments

Had an awesome weekend, I was very happy and just relaxed from exercising. Stayed on track eating though. However...this morning...oh this is awful. I woke up with a huge migraine. I haven't had one like this since last summer. Started out w... Read more
Day 79 Weigh in Friday
Friday, March 21, 2014      3 comments

Sooo...lost 3.2 lbs this week! Yay. It's soo weird because I thought I'd have lost a lot less, maintained or even gained because last weekend was so stressful and I ate pretty bad. What is with that? Being a woman is weird lol. You lose ... Read more
Day 74 A new challenge this week and caring for hubby
Sunday, March 16, 2014      9 comments

So turns out my husband bruised/has a small pelvis fracture from his fall yesterday. It was about a 12 foot drop, poor guy. Well he can't really move much at all and I am pretty much nursing him back to health. Putting his shoes, clothes on, coo... Read more
worst workout ever today :(
Saturday, March 15, 2014      4 comments

Today was awful and I thought instead of sitting around feeling negative I will blog out my feelings. So I've been feeling exhausted lately and sore and this week lost *almost* 3 lbs so practically 2 1/2 lbs. I'm really worried I'll plateau... Read more
Day 72 Weigh in Friday- hit the big 30 pound loss!
Friday, March 14, 2014      6 comments

Yay I lost 2.6 lbs! So hit my 30 lbs lost goal, I started at 196 on January 1st and now I'm under 166. I'm super happy about that. My next goal is to get to 156 (40 lbs lost). I've noticed lately that my motivation has been going down and my exh... Read more
Lent confession and a scary Sunday
Monday, March 10, 2014      6 comments

I usually only write on weigh in days but lately a lot of stuff has been happening to me and I feel emotionally vulnerable. Emotions power if I binge or not and my motivation is shaky because of it. I almost didn't exercise today but decided to ... Read more
baby shower went well (I ate good :D)
Sunday, March 09, 2014      5 comments

Just a visual of the cake that was at the party...so tempting! So, letting everyone know that the baby shower was great. They actually had very healthy food there, veggie... Read more
Day 65- weigh in Friday, worried about tomorrow
Friday, March 07, 2014      4 comments

So...I'm nervous about tomorrow. I have to go to a baby shower for my best friend who is due in April and it's pretty much gonna be cookies, candy, cake, chocolate x10 chocolate everything. I don't want to overeat especially after coming so far.... Read more
Day 59- Welcome March progress photos and weigh in
Saturday, March 01, 2014      4 comments

Ah March is here! I'm so excited and happy, my weight loss has been progressing finally after years of being stuck and yo yo dieting. I know I'll probably platuea soon. I always do after losing a certain amount but I won't let that stop me. No... Read more
Day 44- Friday check in
Friday, February 14, 2014      2 comments

So only lost 1.2 this week so about a pound but it's better then gaining or staying the same. I had that sneaking feeling that the scale was broken but I told myself it was pro... Read more
Day 43- The worst thing about dieting
Thursday, February 13, 2014      3 comments

I don't know if it's different for other people, but for me the worst thing about it is not the food reduction or the exercise..(although that's really hard too) but the lack of support. My family has been really sweet and supportive, don't get ... Read more

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