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13 mile training run didn't go as planned today lol :D
Wednesday, April 29, 2015      4 comments

So like the title says, my big training test this morning didn't go exactly as planned. I give myself an A minus for effort and drive because honestly, I'm super proud of myself. My big mistake was not downloading mapmyrun to my new phone. I use... Read more
8 1/2 days left to half marathon...and I'm so sore...
Tuesday, April 28, 2015      5 comments

just a quick one. I am STILL sore from the race on sunday plus the training I've been putting in for the upcoming half marathon. Yesterday I did a long training run and this morning was pretty sore from it. I did a very small run, about 3 miles ... Read more
My first 10k blog! and 2 weeks until my 1/2 marathon...what am I getting into??
Monday, April 27, 2015      10 comments

So much to write about, it's too much for one blog lol. but I'll try. First, it was an AMAZING 10k! I will tell you all about it! I'm super sore now from it but the soreness is WORTH it! It was so inspiring and exciting, I really enjoyed it! ... Read more
not so good weigh in...but I'm ok with it :) READY FOR MY FIRST 10K ON SUNDAY!!!
Friday, April 24, 2015      6 comments

Scale is up this week. Not my best. However I think it is a muscle gain. I was so exhausted this week from all the activity I got and training. I ate in my range all week. I was even good at Disneyland and only had the churro that was bad so the... Read more
better today, going to reduce the cardio
Thursday, April 23, 2015      3 comments

I feel 10 times better today but still really sore. I decided to sleep in this morning instead of running but OF COURSE I couldn't sleep. I woke up at 6am to hubby leaving for work and then tried to go back to sleep. I think I did manage to slee... Read more
burnt out -_-
Wednesday, April 22, 2015      7 comments

ugh, I spoke too soon yesterday. I was all energetic and motivated and then this last night I crashed. My strength training class was HARDER than usual. It was hard to keep up. It didn't help that it was crowded and all the 6 lb weights were gon... Read more
Back on track and new progress picture!
Tuesday, April 21, 2015      8 comments

So feeling a lot better today. Back on track, back to reality lol. I did get out for my walk/jog yesterday and actually..I wasn't tired at all! I thought I'd be sore after running around DL all day Saturday but...wow I felt normal. I packed up t... Read more
The day after vacation..you know the one...getting back on track
Monday, April 20, 2015      5 comments

I have ZERO motivation to do anything. I slept in this morning and it felt wonderful as I am completely exhausted after this weekend. I WILL get out for a walk/jog though with the kids. I read some spark blogs and am slowly getting my motivation... Read more
Day 471- weigh day, inspired by excess skin?
Friday, April 17, 2015      8 comments

So it's weigh in day today. Did I weigh in? Or did I decide to wait since I had tom this week? I think we all know the answer to that question lol. Yesterday I did go to my strength training class and wow it was really hard this time! I had a bi... Read more
Preparing for this weekend, goal is to stay healthy!
Thursday, April 16, 2015      5 comments

After my daughters birthday I am proud to say I got right back on track. I didn't eat too much birthday cake, I didn't feel super full and sluggish. I got up and did tae bo the next morning (yesterday) and l ate very sensibly and in my calorie r... Read more
Great birthday! don't know what the scale will say though :D
Wednesday, April 15, 2015      8 comments

I was good last night. Had an average slice of cake. Not too big but not a small piece like I originally wanted either. ah well. I balanced it out. Dinner was a grilled chicken salad and I ate lightly the whole day. Who knows what the scale will... Read more
Thanks for the well wishes, and baby bday day!
Tuesday, April 14, 2015      5 comments

I've come to realize that I'm becoming SUCH a MOM. I never thought I'd be this way. I was looking at my sparkpage this morning and saw how obsessed of a mom I am. My daughter's face is EVERYWHERE haha. but I love my kids so much, it's just crazy... Read more
Disappointing binge weekend BUT staying positive and will move forward
Monday, April 13, 2015      11 comments

The title sums up this weekend for me. As well as the picture. I had healthy choices I could have made to have a perfectly content and healthy weekend. Did I make the rig... Read more
TGIF! Calories everywhere and weigh in day
Friday, April 10, 2015      9 comments

So. many. calories today. ARGH! I've been so busy today I didn't think I'd even get a blog in. Finally got some down time now to write a quick one. First of all, my hubby surprised me and decided to ask his boss if he could go to work in later t... Read more
Preparing to eat out EEP! :-o and throwback Thursday
Thursday, April 09, 2015      7 comments

Happy Thursday! I'm soo excited for Friday tomorrow my favorite day of the week. We're having an EPIC girls night tomorrow night. The whole group will be there this time and lots of wine and sangria will be had lol. Calorie wise, kind of nervous... Read more

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