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I know, I know... where have I been?
Saturday, April 29, 2017      8 comments

Hello Everyone! I know I made a deal with myself to keep blogging once a week, and it failed. To be truthful, I was just getting tired of writing the same old thing. The plateau hit me hard, and I couldn't seem to get under 192 and maintain... Read more
Killed it this Week (With Weigh In)
Wednesday, March 29, 2017      10 comments

Hello! I wrote this on Monday for my Blog: www.onequartergone.blogs
pot.com but did not have time to post it here. I know it is late, but better late than never! Enjoy! Week Twenty-One! Alrighty, last weeks goals. ... Read more
The Importance of Eating Breakfast: What I've learned
Sunday, March 26, 2017      6 comments

Hola Amigos ! Okay okay, I know . What a silly title. Everyone and their dog knows that breakfast is important. I got it. It is written on... Read more
Lost Track of the Days! BIG NEWS!!
Monday, March 20, 2017      5 comments

Good Morning (afternoon, night) to you, I know, I know... I haven't been on here for quite some time (my profile tells me 71 days).. is that even possible? I realize that I need to start blogging again because it keeps me accountable.... Read more
Day 71: Resolutions!
Sunday, January 08, 2017      2 comments

Day 71: New Years Resolutions *Complete Side Note Here: Alex (hubby) just realized I have a blog that I never told him about. "If strangers can read about you, why can't I?" So, babe... I am sure you have looked me up by now (even though I ... Read more
Day 63: Peaks and Valleys
Thursday, January 05, 2017      3 comments

Day 63: Happy New Year All! Ugh, it is good to be back home. I absolutely loved my trip back to Ontario for the holidays, but it was a tough time. My uncle passed away on the 23rd of December and therefore the Holidays weren't as relaxing a... Read more
Day 45: Being Active and Fixing my Diet
Wednesday, December 14, 2016      4 comments

Fixing What I Eat! This is written on day 45. I am doing this so I can properly reflect on my meals and see where I am going wrong. This is my attempt to be accountable. So, without further ado: Monday Brunch and how I fixed it for Wed... Read more
Day 43: I will NOT give up!
Monday, December 12, 2016      1 comments

Hello All, Sorry for my absence on my blog lately. I have faced another gain this week (it's okay, it was only 0.4lbs). I am slightly disappointed in myself. I baked cookies this week, went to a potluck, yesterday I had a chicken burg... Read more
I've Been So Busy! But I'm still on track!
Thursday, December 08, 2016      2 comments

Hello Everyone, The Christmas season is upon us and therefore I have been so entirely busy. I haven't been able to post on here OR on my blog (although I have been weighing in and being accountable). I am back on track and have lost the wei... Read more
Day 29: My First Gain! :(
Wednesday, November 30, 2016      1 comments

Day 29: My First Gain :( Alright, quick post today. Let's Reflect: Last Week's Goals Goal #1: Drink 2L of water Still not quite there yet. I have been so sick the past couple of weeks and so I haven't been eating or drinking regula... Read more
Day 22: Weigh In #3 (10lbs down!)
Monday, November 21, 2016      5 comments

Day 22: Weigh In #3 Alright, quick post today. Let's Reflect: Last Week's Goals 1. Water: Drink 2L of water every day (it's not as hard as it seems). I love drinking water so there is no reason why this isn't already happening. ... Read more
Day 15: Where I've Been
Tuesday, November 15, 2016      4 comments

Day 15: Where I've Been What a hectic week! We had loads going on, and I unfortunately didn't have the best week. Monday was weigh in day (yesterday). I weighed myself, but I haven't been able to post yet. Let's reflect on my last week's go... Read more
Day 8: Weigh In Day! (YIKES)
Monday, November 07, 2016      7 comments

Week Two: Day One (Weigh In Day!) So, the hubby went out and got me a scale yesterday. He was afraid that I would obsess over my weight if we had one, but I have promised him that it will not. It will keep me motivated and feel the real con... Read more
Day 6: The Importance of a Cheat Day!
Saturday, November 05, 2016      5 comments

Day 6 The day I have been looking forward to since Monday: cheat day! Now, I know that having a cheat day makes it seem like I am not taking this very seriously. However, I think that having this to look forward to every week will all... Read more
Day Four: Stressful Day!
Thursday, November 03, 2016      3 comments

Day Four What a day. I had such a rough day today. Sometimes being a substitute teacher can be so difficult. I was supposed to have today off, but got a call at 7am asking me to come in because a teacher I usually substitute for was sick. O... Read more

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