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Quiet sorting day
Thursday, July 11, 2019      3 comments

I didn't feel like quilting today. So instead I decided to clean in my sewing room. I took most of the patterns for things that were in bags and put them into bins sorted into things that should be table runners and things that should be quilt... Read more
What a day...
Wednesday, July 10, 2019      6 comments

On my way to town for my appt. this afternoon I hit a pheasant. Very lucky for me it hit the car near the roof and passenger door so it did not come thru my windshield. But it upsets me so much to kill an animal this way. He just flew up out ... Read more
Almost peaceful day at home
Tuesday, July 09, 2019      5 comments

The noises today were loud and long rolling thunder with a little bit of rain thrown in. Buck does not like wet grass but at least he's not resisting the tie down anymore. Today's accomplishment was a pink frog quilt and the beginning o... Read more
Only in my world
Monday, July 08, 2019      6 comments

This is one of those things that just doesn't happen to other people. First phone call this morning was to the furnace people about the AC. Then the vet and Buck gets his check up and shots on Fri. Then to the post office to pick up my mail s... Read more
Oldshimers has set in
Sunday, July 07, 2019      7 comments

I didn't realize it was Sun. instead of Mon. until I woke up this morning about 5 am. I was so looking forward to all those things that are happening on Monday it sort of threw my day off. I did make a quilt top, did some laundry and even clea... Read more
Beautiful Day
Saturday, July 06, 2019      5 comments

It was just a beautiful day. I got my shopping done and hurried home to get to work. Put my groceries away, washed another load of clothes, finished the piece on the embroidery machine and got to quilting. Took Buck out several times while I ... Read more
Rainy good for inside only
Friday, July 05, 2019      6 comments

Today it threatened to storm but never got any further than just rain. Buck does not like going out in the rain...did his stuff and came running back inside and stood in the doorway and shook. Sure am glad he has short hair. I got anoth... Read more
Glad no one made me "Celebrate"
Thursday, July 04, 2019      6 comments

I stayed home and so far have not even hear a boom or a bang but it is still light out. Buck should be good for the night because we just took a little walk but now I'm all hot and sweaty and it's not even that warm out. He will need some bell... Read more
Negative Nancy was mean to me today
Wednesday, July 03, 2019      5 comments

It's not as hot as it has been so the fact the AC isn't working too good is fine but even tho I ate both my fruit and veggies today I feel really really round. I won't say it the awful way my head is working on. I'm trying to get my head to sw... Read more
Frustrating sewing today
Tuesday, July 02, 2019      6 comments

I'm asking my embroidery machine do to a pretty complicated stitch intense design and for the 1st half of each piece it does great but when we get to the fancy stuff my thread keeps breaking. I did get 2 1/2 blocks finished today only 97 1/2 to... Read more
Learning tidbits about each other..
Monday, July 01, 2019      4 comments

Today's comments gave us a little inside to each other. That was both lots of fun and amazing. I did go to the ortho appt. today and have my presurgery checkup on July 18 and surgery on July 29. Just a couple of hours in the doctors of... Read more
Learning to play with Buck..
Sunday, June 30, 2019      6 comments

He does like to chase soft toys but won't bring them back. He might drop them close to me but will stand close enough that if I reach down to get them he grabs them and runs away. Clap your hands at him and he growls at the toy and shakes it. ... Read more
Sweltering heat
Saturday, June 29, 2019      6 comments

When I didn't have a sleeping pill for last night I watched TV that usually puts me to sleep. Didn't work. And I noticed it was really warm in my house and with temps in the high 90's today I decided I'd turn down the air in the morning. Off ... Read more
Solved my technical problem
Friday, June 28, 2019      7 comments

I finally have this phone talking to my computer. It is so much easier to post on the computer than it is on the phone. Sometimes the phone makes some really weird word choices and you have to spend so much time being careful of what letters y... Read more
Teenage flashback
Thursday, June 27, 2019      4 comments

At block class today I was of course sitting in the front (it's easier to see the instructions) and with plenty of empty chairs one of the old time quilters from the guild came to sit in the seat next to me. Now why would that give me a real bo... Read more

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