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Enough putting it off
Wednesday, January 29, 2020      6 comments

This is bad I think I went to the store yesterday but didn't think things thru. But then again my head is still foggy a bit. It is better today and I even ate veggies (too bad they were canned) but with beets it's OK. Then I spent a goo... Read more
What am I so worried about...
Tuesday, January 28, 2020      4 comments

This whole frig thing is getting out of control. Sometime in the next couple of years I will no longer be living in my big house. I will move closer to my kids and find a Sr. living solution in Seattle. So why am hunting and hunting for the f... Read more
New ways to shop
Monday, January 27, 2020      4 comments

Old ladies sure can learn new things quickly. Seems most stores don't even carry many appliances and expect you to order them online and have them delivered. Some of them only deliver to your front door. Don't even take away the old one. Th... Read more
Loving my couch...
Sunday, January 26, 2020      7 comments

Tired all day after so much coughing over night but oddly better this evening. I think I'll live. Buck didn't get his new thingy yet but I did watch several videos about making them. And since I joined a competition of sorts on FB to finish a... Read more
Good day of rest
Saturday, January 25, 2020      6 comments

Am a bit better today. Still coughing a lot but had some energy and did a few chores. Even got out a basket of assorted scraps and started cutting them into 5" squares. But standing too long brings on the coughing. So it is in short stints. ... Read more
Another day over
Friday, January 24, 2020      4 comments

This cold thing is a rough one even with the meds. I did go to get my hair done this morning and by the time I did that and picked up my mail...I needed a nap. So I that. Woke up in time to get to the 2 pm block class with a short trip to the... Read more
Lost yesterday
Thursday, January 23, 2020      5 comments

Didn't even realize I didn't do this yesterday. I felt absolutely awful yesterday. It is a good thing I had my physical scheduled because otherwise I'd still be really down and out with the cold I caught coming home. By the time I got to the ... Read more
Getting home was hard work
Tuesday, January 21, 2020      7 comments

Had to take 3 planes to get home. Maui to LA then to Chicago and then to Mpls. All of them packed like sardines. I did get home yesterday and drove the 2 1/2 hours to my house but is was so hard to stay awake when I hadn't really done more th... Read more
Time to go home
Sunday, January 19, 2020      7 comments

Today we visited a huge craft market. I even bought Buck a neck tie. And we found a wonderful carry on bag for both of us. In the morning we're off to the airport where I'll head home and the next guests arrive. Next stop LA.... Read more
Naughty wonderful lunch
Friday, January 17, 2020      6 comments

Yesterday we spent most of the day sitting on a a beach watching surfer's and having a picnic lunch. Today we decided on some shopping and and late lu... Read more
Very exciting day
Thursday, January 16, 2020      14 comments

Went out on a whale watching tour. Lots to see. In the afternoon my friend and I took a lei making class. No photos of whales but here are some of t... Read more
Shopping was fun
Tuesday, January 14, 2020      8 comments

Today we decided to go to a movie and saw Little Women but we also shopped at 3 fabic stores while we were on that side of the island. These will all ... Read more
Enjoyed the show.
Monday, January 13, 2020      7 comments

These kids were so cute. They changed costumes several times and the folding chairs got harder and harder.... Read more
Made it in one piece
Sunday, January 12, 2020      6 comments

I'm in the condo save and sound but I could easily lay in bed all day and do nothing but we are off to a market and to watch a hula show with kids. So that will be fun. Hoping everything is good at my house. Will enjoy my days without c... Read more
And now it's time...
Thursday, January 09, 2020      6 comments

I will be going on my trip. My friend about flew thru the phone when I said I thought I should not be coming since she is still in the hospital. I even asked her if they where planning on sending her back to Seattle. That didn't go over too w... Read more

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